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I have a lot SD equipment that my last HDTV could easily be connected to, it had 3 s-video/2 RGB/3 composite/1 PC/2 HDMI.

My new TV only has 4 inputs! What BS, the new HDTV only has 3 HDMIs & 1 shared Composite/Component input. This seems to be common today on new tvs!!

I have three SD HHD recorders I want to connect to it. I also have two SD SAT receivers, Microsoft DirectTV Ultimate TV boxes. If these things work as advertised it would save the current wear & tear my new DMR-69 is suffering from it's current daily duty of upconverting my SC SAT boxes.

I am currently using my -69 when I watch TV connected through one of the HDMIs. When the wife is watching it's easier to have her use one of the other HDD recorders through the RGB connection.

What I am hoping for is a couple of S-video to HDMI upconverters that will allow me to use the other two HDMI connection using the SAT receivers S-video output. If these things give a good looking upconverted signal the wife can use the new TV without needing one of the external HHD recorders to get the picture to the tv.

the units I am looking at are;

1)Etekcity® VGA & Component + Audio to HDMI Converter with remote - VGA & RGB/YPbPr, Optical Coaxial, R/L, 3.5mm, & Digital Audio HDMI Adapter: 720p & 1080p HD Upscale works with PCs, DVD Players, Game Consoles, and Other VGA & YPbPr Devices by Etekcity®

2)C&E CNE50145 Component video-YPbPr /VGA to HDMI Converter with Auto Up-Scale by OEM

3)ViewHD Wii HDMI to HDMI scaled up to 720P /or 1080P Upscaling Converter (White) -
USing the above
ViewHD Wii HDMI to HDMI scaled up to 720P /or 1080P Upscaling Converter (White) -
Along with these converters that don't upscale

1)component RGB YPbPr to HDMI converter v1.3 HDCP HDTV or

2)TV/PC/PS3/DVD,Mini White AV/CVBS Composite to HDMI Converter PAL NTSC or

4)New 3 RCA Composite S-video R/L Audio to HDMI Converter
by sunvalleytek

5)....6)......or similar

The S-video to HDMI upconverters are;

1)Composite RCA S-Video Audio to HDMI 720p/or1080p Converter Scaler, SPECIALTY-AV model SPCH8 V2.0

These above the converters I found on Amazon tonight.

Or any other upscaler/convereters that are known that will do the job I need......