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Lutron shades and controlling from RA2?

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Which shades can or can't work with RA2?

It looks like both the Serena and the SivoiaQS can both be controlled via the same Pico remotes. Is this correct?

But that the Serena units can't be controlled from RA2? Only the QS units can be controlled from RA2?

I'm looking for some honeycomb shades for a few windows and I want them to be able to be controlled via a schedule, from Pico remotes, from a tablet and from a wall keypad.

I'll have at least one keypad or hybrid near each shade location. I'll also have at least one pico dedicated to the shade setup (some windows will have more than one unit).

So what's the real low-down here? Are the Serena units essentially just crippled QS units, in that they ignore interaction with RA2 programming?
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The Shades that interface with RA2 have all been renamed Sivoia QS. Year or two ago Serena was the cellular shade that launched with RA2 and was a big deal. Battery operated and total integration with RA2. Lutron won an award for it at CEDIA. There are 3 ways to control that shade. Infra Red, RF, and integration with RA2. Good, Better, Best. The sales channel for the first two options could be anywhere. Lowes for instance. Control with RA2 is done through a dealer only. These shades are well made and with the first two control options, the price is close to the everyday cell shades in stores that require you to manually (who wants to get out of their chair!) pull down and retract. Lutron wanted volume but didn't want to step on their dealers and is why intergration is not available at Lowes.

RA2 now has three shades that integrate with the Main Repeater in RA2. Sivoia QS - Roller Shades (new), Sivoia QS - Venetian Blind (these are really cool when the slats remotely angle), and Sivoia QS - Insulating Honeycomb Shades (this started it all and Lutron Basically invented the category).

Hope this helps,

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So will Serena integrate with RA2 currently or not? Assuming an appropriate integrator is involved, of course.

Yes, the fancier roller and venetian setups are pretty slick, we just don't forsee using much of them in the new house.

My question regarding the Serena units is one of simple economics. I can either get the lower-end Serena units on all the 'low priority' windows, or go with non-automated ones instead. This isn't just a case of undercutting QS, it's about not buying Lutron at all for those windows. For the places where style is a factor I'm already committed to QS (possible a bottom-up roman blind setup). But given the lesser cost of the Serena units (still more than non-automated) it'd be a nice add-on.

My goal with automation here is one of marital compatibility. One of us likes to leave the shades open all the time, the other prefers them closed. Being able to open/close them on a programmed schedule will go a long way toward marital bliss...
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Serena shades will not integrate with RA2, only the Sivoia QS wireless.
Within the QS wireless group there are high end roman shades, venetian blinds and roller shades. These type of shades also sold as Sivoia QED (now being phased out) and their motor used 24VAC. The Sivoia QS (not wireless) are shades and blinds that work with Grafik Eye as controller and use QS link (a proprietary RS485) is connection.

The Sivoia QS wireless 'lower' cost line are the insulating honeycomb shades and the newly announced 'lower' cost roller shades.
These later two can be battery powered or 12 VDC wired. The high end blinds use 24 VDC power.

The confusing part is that you can have shades-only system built from the QS wireless products, with a matching main repeater and scene controller and corresponding keypads.
See the model numbers here: http://www.lutron.com/en-US/Products/Pages/ShadingSystems/SivoiaQSWireless/ModelNumbers.aspx From Lutron's CEDIA announcement, the 'lower' cost Sivoia QS wireless roller shades start at $589 and $399 for honey-comb. The new roller shade will start shipping from November 15. If this is more than you want to spend on shades that work with RA2, I am afraid, manual is the only option.

If you remodel though, I would make sure to run some wires, just in case, when later you feel that automation/integration is a must for certain windows, you will have it ready.
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Ok, so they had Serena shades that would work with RA2? Then they created a new name (QS), made those speak only RA2 and then dummied down the ones they call Serena shades so they wouldn't work on RA2?

Pre-wirings sounds like a great idea, until you realize no two vendors seem to run their wiring the same way. Nor will you likely know what shading features you're going to use in a given window. Because when you get to this price level it's VERY likely you'll be wanting some very particular choices for styles and materials. Yet, which mechanims you'll use may vary depending on how the space eventually ends up decorated. Combine that with complicated window layouts, framing requirements and the possibility on spray foam insulation and the pre-wire idea becomes problematic.

Trust me, I've got all three issues. Some of my windows on which I'd most likely want shading solutions essentially have too much framing around them to have made it practical to pre-wire. Not unless I got in there right as the framing was going up and before the window units went in. And then you'd still have the issue of just where on the jambs to bring out the wire. And keep track of it so the spray foam guys didn't bury it. My advice here is if you're building new and you're considering shading solutions you really need to do a lot of homework on it well before the building starts.

Thus the battery shades are quite appealing. I'd just prefer not to spend excessively for them, like anything else.
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The Sivoia QS Wireless line is not RA2 specific, it can integrate also with the Homework QS system, where you can conditional logic for programming, unlike with RA2.
With RA2 a command to lower a shade when a load is turned on is only possible with third party integration.
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Yeah, I'm not asking about controlling them with programming. But thanks for adding that as I'm sure someone else might need to know. I'll be doing that via 3rd party.

The confusing point is both the Serena and the QS will both listen to a Pico controller. But only the QS will interact with a RA2 repeater.

I was under the impression that when they first started shipping the battery shades that they WOULD interact with a RA2 repeater. Has this changed since that time?

I'm clear that the QS shades are the only ones that will currently interact with a RA2 repeater, that I understood already.

It was discovering that the Serena ones wouldn't, having previously been able to, THAT'S what I'm asking about here.
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Meanwhile, two big-ass boxes of RA2 gear just showed up, woo hoo!

Of course, now I have a headache trying to read all the tiny little labels and not get an RD-RD-WH mixed up with an RD-RS-WH or all the rest of the similarly numbered parts...

Man, but a house full of these things adds up to a LOT of them....
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Bill, here is an FAQ dated Nov 2011 from Lutron. Maybe this will claify a bit. The way I read it, Serena will allow remote control with a pico, just not integration with RA2.

What are Serena remote controlled cellular shades?

Serena remote controlled cellular shades are the non-system version of our NEW! Sivoia®QS Wireless cellular
shades. Serena remote controlled shades are a standalone solution that is not capable of being integrated
into a Lutron®lighting control system, third party device, smart phone, or tablet.
Unlike the system version of Lutron cellular shades, you can only control Serena remote controlled shades via
IR remote controls or Pico®wireless controls. With these remotes, you can control a single shade or multiple
shades with one or more remotes, but are limited to the IR or RF range of that device.
While Serena remote controlled cellular shades can easily be installed by anyone, Sivoia QS Wireless cellular
shades are embedded with additional technology that requires design and programming offered only through
the Lutron network of qualified shade providers.

What is SerenaShades.com?

SerenaShades.com is a Lutron-hosted web portal where consumers can discover the benefits of our new
battery powered cellular shades. Here, they’ll learn about the category of precision controllable window
treatments and have the opportunity to purchase Lutron Serena cellular shades at List (Retail) Price.

Why is Lutron launching this web portal?

This direct-to-consumer campaign gives Lutron and our business partners the opportunity to increase
awareness for precision controllable automated shading solutions. There are hundreds of millions of windows
that can be shaded in just the United States by our new and affordable wire-free cellular shades, and Lutron
believes that this web site will generate a high level of interest and new business for us and our network of
professional installers.

Does the site direct consumers to a qualified shade installer for Sivoia QS Wireless cellular shades
and other Lutron shading solutions?

Yes. On the home page consumers will see a gray bar that guides them to “Learn More” about our system
solutions. This link will take them to a section under “Why Serena Shades?” that discusses the benefits of our
scalable cellular solution and will allow us to guide them to an Authorized Lutron Shade Provider.

At what price are we selling Serena remote-controlled cellular shades?

List (Retail) Price, per the Lutron Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy.
Please note that Sivoia QS Wireless cellular shades and other Lutron shading solutions fall into our “No Online
Resale” policy, as they can only be purchased through a qualified Lutron window system provider.

What countries does this web site serve?

Currently, this web site serves only the U.S.
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