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72" subwoofer anyone?

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***edit***Just noticed this article is a few years old. Forgive me if it's been posted before.

Interesting article for you you DIY guys. http://ludoislabs.com/giant-speaker/

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I'd not seen this, I see they experienced issues for sure;
"The power limitations occurred in two places, cone rigidity and mass, and the thermal capability of the voice coil. At low frequencies the cone experienced structural modes that wanted to tear it apart (we affectionately refer to them as “taco” modes due to their shape) while the high currents in the voice coil cause it to overheat."

They should've applied what they learned to a follow up effort, that would've been interesting. Mucho larger VC, drive the cone at from a point further away from the center, examine some other cone material techniques, etc.

Just being picky, I do appreciate you sharing.

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Very interesting.

Wouldn't look as cool but I bet a cone made from segments rigid foil lined insulation from HD would have worked a lot better.
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or carbon fiber.
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Originally Posted by LTD02 View Post

or carbon fiber.

Wouldn't be terribly expensive, just throw a civic hood in there :P
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I listened to the youtube video of it playing, it sounded like a55-hats.
You could visibly see it distorting eek.gif

Do I want a 72 subwoofer? HELL NO! wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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I want one! But, I'll wait for MK II... when the kinks are ironed out. tongue.gif
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