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Marantz SR-5007 Switches to M XPORT

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The system is as follows:

A samsung tv, a sony blu-ray player, a Marantz 5007, and a universal mx 780 remote.

Every few days or so while watching TV,  the Marantz switches inputs and the Marantz screen reads : M XPORT

There is nothing hooked up to the M XPORT.

Does anyone know why this would be and how to stop it from happening?

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This issue crops up on D&M models from time to time. Try doing a soft reset by unplugging the power cord for 10 minutes. If still no joy, then try going to INPUTS - HIDE SOURCES and change the M-XPORT setting to HIDE. If it shifts to another source after that, then save the config file to a PC (using Web Control feature) and reset the microprocessor.
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We tried unplugging it awhile back and no luck.

I thought of hiding the M-XPORT setting right before I joined up here yesterday and it's good to read that you also think that may do the trick.  The system is not at my house so I won't be able to try it until later this week. I never thought of your last suggestion but hopefully hiding the M-XPORT will do. I had thought there may be interference from a neighbors remote or some other source, but after taking the antenna off the Marantz didn't help, I no longer thought that could be the issue.

Thanks so much for your help!!

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The MXPORT has been disabled, but the TV still shuts off and it no longer reads MX-PORT, now it just shuts off and the Marantz is blank.

We have not tried your last suggestion yet, but I was wondering if it could be anything else.

Not sure if TV-AUDIO  on the Marantz has been disabled, is it possible that could cause this issue?


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Samsungs have a habit of switching the imput on my receiver to the "TV" input even though my cable box was connected to the "CBL" input which was HDMI 3. So I reassigned the HDMI 3 to "TV" and problem was solved.
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Any brand TV that has the HDMI(ARC) feature will do this when you have HDMI-CEC (Anynet+ in the case of the Samsung) enabled.
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