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The plasmad pocket sub

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The Plasmad Pocket Sub

41x48x15" roughly 12-13cuft after bracing
single sheet baffles front and back but the bracing should take care of that.
2" port about 37" long
Bash 500w

Since there are more than a couple of people out there that have flat pannels in the corner I figured I would design a sub that would benefit us. Since its not that wide and the driver is back in the corner you won't run the risk of it hitting an entertainment center. The other part is that I needed something with a bit more extension than my tapped horn with an 8" drive . This thing could do about 110db at 35hz but dropped like a rock after 28hz.

After doing some digging and waiting around I jumped on the stereo integrity deal last year. Instead of going crazy multiple sub and watt builds, as I didn't have the room or acceptance from the wife to do it I decided to stay within some limits and build a fairly large box that would work with a 500watt bash amp. Sims plotted out 110 at 20hz and about 107 at 12hz. The driver will run out of gas at 9hz but its beyond tunning. It won't do reference at 120db but I'm wasn't looking for that. You may be able to turn the box into a dual sealed design and hit it with a ep2500 but I had no desire to do that as it would add more and more dollars to it. The design of this sub for what I wanted was a single driver and plate amp. No muss no fuss, just plug in and go.

Having never build a ported sub before and just building, ported speakers, sealed subs, FLH, and tapped horn subs this one was new. I put it all together with two sheets of 3/4 arruco and used the left over section to brace the heck out of the interior. In the above image I showed a middle set of crossbraces and that was wrong. There is just braces on both baffles and then and interior rib running around the each interior width wall(top, bottom, front and back).

Its pretty massive but the TV hides it well. Still haven't had time to measure it but the bass is incredibly smooth and uniform out of it.

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did you modify the resistors in the plate amp?
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with the stock values that come in the amp, the high pass filter will be around 30hz, q=1.3, which gives this:

red = raw response. green = built in filter.

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scratch that,

its an oaudio sub with a 12hz hpf and a bit of a boost but they went out of business so i keep calling them Bash.
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Very nice ! What is your center channel ?
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"scratch that"

yeah...my bad, you put a picture of the amp right there! not sure how I didn't make the connection...anyway, I've been thinking that his kind of form factor or something quite similar could be used for multiple purposes and am glad that you decided to make it happen. it is a good solution for minimizing "into to the room" footprint, while still allowing for a big sub and some interesting placement options.

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yeah its a great sub and can be put together for about 500-550.

seems like everyone just goes over kill with these SI drivers in the multiple sealed configuration though.
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bump...just because I linked to it again. :-)
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Neat build. When the levels get up, does it move around at all?
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Not that I know of.

One of the panels sits on it and it hasn't fallen off the wall. I was going to readjust the panel but never got around to it.

I should see if I can find some cut sheets for it. I used some spare wood to brace it.
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