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Thanks for the offer. I am sure you will find a new home for it from someone here on the forum. As for me, I am pretty much weaned off the Replays now. I only use the one in the living room as a "backup", with my NextPVR/XBMC HTPC doing the real work now. My wife's Replay (in the master bedroom) is a Jeopardy recording machine and that is about it. I am weaning her off it now as I have the Raspberry Pi working great from there with XBMC, and my remaining Replay (in the back bedroom) is used by my son (in Korea) with Slingbox. So I imagine that will be the last one to go.

They have been good machines, but they have been passed by. But if you are happy with free OTA network TV service, they can still do the job.

I know you have decided to let yours go, but it is really pretty simple to set them up with OTA service via a converter box. My living room unit is still setup that way using a CM 7000 A2D converter. Works great, but you would need that IR blaster to make it work.

If you decided you wanted to give it a try again, send me a PM and I'd be willing to walk you thru it. If not, then have fun with your replacement DVR regardless of what it turns out to be. I doubt any of us forum members are likely to ever return to watching TV truly live.
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Still using a 5000, with ota converter. Had 2 but one died a couple of weeks ago, think fan stopped and it overheated, may replace...

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Oh yea! Still the simplest setup and fantastic guide interface. For typical TV, SD recorded at DVD (S-video) output is just fine. I am using WiRNS with TV guide from Schedules Direct for the OTA listings in my area for my Mom. I was using WiRNS for my home units until the PC running the server was donated to a local community theater - then my 5504 connected to the mothership and went back to not skipping commercials. I haven't had time to reimage the drive - so I just let it connect that way. It's working fine.

Rather than setting up a media center - we use the Replay for all broadcast stuff and NetFlix or Internet for the rest. I expect we will continue to use them until they die (really die - not just a hard drive or power supply). smile.gif I am still in awe of the user interface that Replay created.
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I still use mine but it just started acting up catastrophically, it resets to factory default all by itself (lose all shows, setup etc)
It did it once and I went through all of the setup to get it going again. then last night it did it again.

This may be sleeping with the fishes this time,
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