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Question re: Ceiling Joists & Hat Channels

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Hi All -

I'm in the very early stages of planning my dedicated HT room, and taking a hard look at what it's going to take to isolate the room from the family room floor above it. By reading this forum as well as the info on soundproofingcompany.com, it looks like hat channels and isolation clips are the way to go.

My question is mostly about what kind of clearance off the bottom of the joists I can expect by using the channel and clips. Looks like they're typically 7/8" clips, which might make things rough on me as I have a fair amount of electrical conduit running perpendicular to the joists in various places:

Is this typical? Am I going to have to reroute all of this to put the ceiling in, or is there a way to have the channels provide me clearance?

I'm a complete newb when it comes to construction so apologies if this seems like an overly-basic question.

Also another totally unrelated question: can anyone recommend a good app (online or otherwise) to capture the room design?
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I had a beam that dropped about 2" below the rest of my joists. I attached 2x4s perpendicular to the joists and then added clips and channel. I ended up with about 1/2" clearance between the beam and my channel which I believe is what Ted and John recommend. I will say that most on here go out of their way to keep as much headroom as possible, and might consider rerouting the conduit.

Most of the layouts on here are either hand drawn or modeled in Sketchup. I like Sketchup. It's free and you get great renders, but there is a bit of a learning curve. Depending on your computer skills you can probably be up and going in a couple hours if you take the time to watch some of the tutorials.
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wires and 1 inch or smaller diameter pipes are no problem if they are tight to the joists and you hang a clip and channel ceiling. Just be sure to remember where they are so you don't screw into them!

See the dimensions of the clips and channel system here:

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Thanks guys. Yes now that I look it does look like the other finished areas of my basement used the 2x4 approach. I think I might have to go that route too as there are several troublesome areas where the conduit (and even a gas line) drops down more than an inch below the bottom of the joists.
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Conduit can be bent, black iron gas pipe no. If the conduit is hanging low you just had a lazy electrician who didn't care about the potential of the room being finished. There aren't many areas of the country that still require metal conduit in residential construction. Your local politicians are in the pocket of the Labor Union bosses.
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Thanks BIG. I do live near Chicago after all. smile.gif

The gas pipe might be an issue - it drops > 2" below the bottom of the joists. I assume it can be rerouted though.
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I used clips that hung down from the joists to give me the clearance I needed.
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Those IB-2 EXT clips are super versatile. I just used some on a wall end where I couldn't add a stud due to plumbing being in the way. These babies did the trick.

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