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Am I over thinking my screen?

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Ok, so I have built a frame and stretched BOC over it. It looks pretty decent. The screen size is 106". I will have a dark, light controlled room. What I am wondering about is painting the screen. I have a 2800 Lumen Projector, is this too bright for a very dark room on a white screen? If I paint the screen now that its on the frame, will I run into any issues with warping the screen? Will the screen just stretch further and get tighter if I put wet paint on it? I was thinking of bringing the contrast down just a hair and getting rid of the possibility of reflection from the screen by choosing a light grey paint. My other thought was just to add a layer of grey spandex over the BOC. Am I thinking too much? Any suggestions?
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I have a 2800 Lumen Projector, Any suggestions?

Hang your screen and projector and take a look at how bright it is in the economy setting. There aren't many who say "my projector is too bright". The marketing department stretches the truth to sell units, A projector is usually dimmer when calibrated and then there is the bulb saving economy mode. Don't jump on the gray screen bandwagon until you've taken your unit for a test drive.
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Great point, thanks. I am still curious about painting any BOC screen, even if just to achieve a smoother surface. Do you think it would warp or ripple the fabric by painting? Im thinking that it shouldn't, I mean artists stretch and paint on canvas all the time right?
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Misting a stretched canvas with a spray bottle and letting it dry does tighten the fabric. I've Done it.
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