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boxee with old tv

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Hi got boxee on a good deal here in Denmark and have 

this issue with connecting the box to an old b&o tv. The

boxee has hdmi and the tv don't so what kind of converter

do i need for my tv? My tv has scart and i do have a scart/

composite combo plug that i can use with som kind of converter.



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Buying a new TV would be easier.

It's going to look bad on a low res old TV, you will need to get an digital to analogue signal converter, basically HDMI to composite/component conversion box. Their might be specialized versions for scart in your part of the world.

You might have to set the output of the Boxee Box first by plugging into HDMI TV and dropping it to 480i or 480p if the option is available, PAL is 576i if the option is there.
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Hi maybe that's a good idea plugging it in a hdmi tv first

and drop the resolution to 4xx. Well i purchased a converter

hdmi to composite that can plug in the back of my B&O tv.


I'll post back when it's done:9



Thanks for reply.

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Also, make sure you turn off the EDID option in the Boxee settings. Otherwise it probably won't boot right.
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EDID options?





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Hi guys got it to work yesterday with this converter from Deltaco : http://www.av-connection.dk/?PGr=6394&PicGr=8779&ML=791


Thank's to you all for input in my thread and i'm now the happy owner of a "old smart tv" B&O with Boxee Box:)




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