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Bewbie questions.

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Hey all,


Below is a message I sent to someone on here who seems like he really knows what he's about, but I thought I'd throw it out here and see if I get any help.


In addition to what is below, I would like to know if I simply get a huse external HD, will I be able to access media wirelessly and maybe through an andriod app? I need to figure out the most convenient way to play media (mainly music, but movies, pics and other.....). Basically, with what I have, how can I do this without sacrificing ANY audio quality. What do I need if it's not possible? I'm so new to this and I'm going to feel foolish for asking someday, but you have to start somewhere. Sorry for the huge post. Thanks!



Hi Bob,


I read the Oppo 103 forum and I have a few questions, but I'm not sure what topic this falls in, so I thought I'd ask you directly. If there's anything useful from this, please don't hesitate to post to the correct topic in the forum. From my reading, you seem like the person to ask. Being a newbie, I'm slightly overwhelmed with information. Maybe you can help.


This is my set-up for 2 channel. 75%-85% music, but I think the BD part will increase after I get my Oppo: 


Peachtree Nova Pre/220 - Oppo 103 - Salk Songtowers - Samsung 6400 46 inch (picking that up next week) Apple TV - Roku - Macbook (It was given to me and I'm far more used to PC)


The Peachtree's are sitting in the cabinet and waiting for the Salks to be built and the Oppo is on the way via Amazon. The waiting is making me crazy, but in the meantime I'm trying to figure out this stuff. It's a blast of a hobby, but making my GF nuts. However, she will be happy when she hears and see's everything. I just want to make sure I have this right after a huge investment (for me anyway).



I want to be able to play and stream to highest quality sound I can, both wired and wireless. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use any DNLA functions from the Oppo to do this. I know I can use Airplay, but I understand it downcoverts and I don't really want to do that if I don't have to. I would like to get something like a Mac Mini and use it as a media server, but that's down the road. Anyway, here are my questions:


1. If I hook my Roku box to the Oppo in the HDMI in the back and connect it to the Peachtree Pre, will that be the best route? I want to be able to get the most out of MOG and Roku has an channel for that, or would going through the ATV better?


2. Is there any way to play my 24/192 files wirelessly with this set up? If  no, what do I need?


3. If I'm using the pure audio mode, will it still display on my TV?


4. Does the PLEX app enable me to play without any resolution degradation?


5. Putting the Oppo in the path hurt anything, or make it better, or do difference at all?


I think that's it and I'm on the right track, but like I said, this all new to me. 


I'm so over-the-top excited for all of this to come together. I appreciate any feedback you can give me. You seem very versed in all this, especially when it comes to the Oppo. 


Thanks for reading and I hope I'm not being a pain. 




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And I thought you had a question about boobies. rolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif
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Ha! That's a funny typo. One would think there would be more comments with a title line that:). Sorry about that!
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