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For Sale: Danley Sound Labs DTS-10

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For Sale:
Danley Sound Labs DTS-10

Will Ship To: 200 mile radius

Hey fellow bass heads!

Up for sale is my very gently used and very well cared for Danley Sound Labs DTS-10.

If you are not familiar with this monster, the AVS thread can be found here.

This kit is still in unfinished wood and in excellent condition. I will also include the custom acrylic side cover (shown installed, above) that allows viewing of the drivers. Of course, I have and will include the factory wood cover. The kit was assembled with very small hex head furniture screws and premium PL. So, if you want to stain or paint it, there will be very small holes to fill with putty. Binding posts are installed with drivers wired in parallel. A standard round terminal cup was used, so it can be easily changed to Neutrik or other connector for a couple dollars.

When I say gently used, I really mean it. This DTS has NEVER seen anywhere close to even a 1000w because it is part of a multi-sub system ( 2 other sealed subs in the room) to only augment/smooth the response. In fact, I have excursion videos here and here. As you can see, I hit 120+ db peaks very easily with very little excursion in large room open to the entire 2500 sq/ft house! And I only had it that loud for demo purposes after I made the acrylic panel!

Again, this sub was never pushed hard or abused. As indicated by the videos, I probably used less than 50% of its capacity even during very loud demos.
I rarely use my HT gear, (to include the DTS) only over the winter months when I watch one or two movies on a weekend. This DTS has very few hours on it being roughly 3 years of age.

I don't really want to sell, but after my move there just is no place suited for it. I will have to build a replacement that is low and long. I love my DTS-10 but it has to go! Ugh!

I prefer not to ship this monster, but I will gladly meet someone in the west-central PA area or deliver if close enough.
Of course, if you want to arrange shipping that is OK. I would just prefer to avoid it.

PM if interested and we can setup a call.
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Hmm this would be really cool under my bed ha. Low profile and close enough to me in distance.

Will check it out and see if this is still around in a little bit.
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Be prepared to be thrown out of bed and have objects falling around you!
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