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$1k tensioned motorized screen?

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I am looking for an 80-90" tensioned motorized screen for a BenQ 1070 that will not be in a dedicated HT room and will be used to watch light TV during the day. Is this doable for around $1000? Anyone have any recommendations?
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That should be more than doable. Look at Visual Apex, Elite Screen Cinetension2, and Elunevision. One of these should have something within your budget.
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And Monoprice
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Hey there, I have been in your same predicament. Please refer to the link below to see my experience with budget screens.

POST 1070
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I've got a used Da Lite High Contrast Cinema Vision for sale - http://www.avsforum.com/t/1491499/da-lite-tensioned-cosmopolitan-electrol-screen-w-hccv-16-9-format

Just FYI. smile.gif
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Darn that screen would've been great for me. Just ordered my screen and about to mount it. Good luck on your sale. I think the OP should look at getting that one.
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What did you end up with? How do you like it?
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