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Small Media Room

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Hi all,

In this thread I'll post the specs, updates and questions about my small media room. It'll be a long term project, eventhough it's just a simple room in comparison to most threads. This thread will both serve as my own list of things-to-do and things-to-buy. So even if I don't get any replies I'll use this thread simply to update myself.

Mostly I'd like to have advice on what hardware to buy and any tips that could be relevant. The media room will be used for movie watching primarily, maybe at some point I'd like to buy a console (PS4 or Steam Machine when they arrive) but it's mainly for film.

So as I said a small room: 3.05x4.30m. (I'm Dutch so most I'll be using the metric system) Viewing distance will probably be around 2.5m to the screen. Screen will probably be 16:9 101" 2.24x1.26m. The room should feature a good quality HD projector, 5.1 surround speakers (I really like B&W, but size and budget might change my views), two comfortable seats, heavy black curtains on both sides, etc.

- Projector
Original budget was around E 1000. But I think it should be more, around E 2000-2500. After looking at lots of reviews I'm interested in these models:
- JVC DLA-X35 (but I haven't found a reseller in the Netherlands yet)
- Epson EH-TW9100
- Panasonic PT-AT6000E
- Epson EH-TW6100
- Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020 (Is it too noisy for such a small room?)
- Epson PowerLite 5020UB
It's a bit of a ballpark idea of what I'm looking for. I'm just beginning to look around. Criteria are: obviously image quality, detail in black (the room will be dark when viewing), noise (the projector will be almost directly above the viewer).

- Receiver
I'm thinking a NAD T757 v2, after listening to a few setups at the local hi-fi store.

- Speakers
After a demo I decided I prefer the cheaper Dali Zensor over the B&W's.

- Media streamer
I've already bought a Medi8r 500X2. For now I first want to use this, maybe upgrade later. Streaming film isn't really widely available yet in Holland, we just got Netflix but I'm not convinced yet.

- BluRay
Also already there. I got a Philips, not sure what model, but I don't have many Blurays anyway.

For the room itself. One side already has a heavy curtain that goes around the corner next to the projection screen. I plan to mirror this on the other side, I still have the invoice so it should be easy to get exactly the same stuff. The floor is laminate (not sure if that's a word, fake wood?) so I obviously want to cover that with some carpet.

I got a doodle floorplan now. As soon as I have a digital one I will post it in this thread. And ofcourse some pictures too.
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So yesterday I've found time to make a floorplan:

Everything is to scale. I will add measurements later. The hardware might be different, but I had to use something as a scale reference.
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Will the seats be able to move around? I ask because if you ever plan to show a movie to more than one other person, you'll need additional seating and the space looks pretty tight around those two large seats.
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Not really. Due to the size of the room, more seating would be difficult. I do prefer comfort for two people over the option to seat multiple. But I might consider placing a 2,5 seat sofa in stead of the two single seats. And I thought maybe getting two beanbags for the off chance of watching a movie with more people.
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