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Marantz: TERRIBLE Costumer Service

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The short of it: I will never buy a Marantz product in my life again.

The long: My SR-5005 receiver started to act up after less than a year or so of being in use. A faint hissing sound could be heard from the left channel when using any of the surround codecs, but at first it was very subtle, so I didn't obsess over it. Lately, the problem got severely worse. The noise was unbearable and impossible to ignore, and some other glitches started to make themselves known. The unit went in for service at my local authorized Marantz service repair center in Pompano Beach, FL.

About 10 days later I get a call saying that my unit had a defective HDMI board and that they no longer have any replacement parts for this particular model. Big red flag right there. A model that is less than 3 years old, and something as basic and vital as an HDMI board is no longer available... Unbelievable.

However, the folks at the repair center (not the friendliest nor most helpful, to make matters worse) tell me that I will be getting "a new unit, an SR5007 instead"). Great. Or so I thought...

As you folks know, when it comes to receivers, newer is not always better. Case in point: the 5007 is lacking two features that, at least to me, are CRUCIAL:
- no backlit remote (try making sense of the new remote and its trillion tiny buttons in the dark...)
- no full frontal display (a small, rounded "port" that Marantz calls "classic" and I call "useless" is there instead, forcing one to use a TV or monitor to set up and calibrate the unit, or to be able to read any other type of information, for that matter)...

Another big problem:
- I was never given a choice! I was told I could not get my 5005 back, and that it wasn't my call. This in itself was extremely frustrating. Basically, they made a decision for me and never consulted me. By the time I was informed of this and requested my unit back, it was too late.

It doesn't end there.

By the time I drive (one hour) to the repair center to pick up my supposedly "new unit", I am instead informed that I will be getting a "refurbished" unit. No brand new model, after all. I make it very clear that that is not was I was promised nor what any sane person would expect out of a supposedly premium brand, but, on the one hand, I realize this is not the repair center's call nor fault, and that they are simply following Marantz (objectionable) rules.

I inspect the unit, and I see it has some cosmetic blemishes. There's even a red sticker/warning saying so, but other than that "the unit is in working condition". "Oh, by the way, you are not getting a box, either", they tell me.

In other words, I no longer can get my own unit back, I got a new model that is, however, much worse than the one I left there to be serviced, AND it's a refurbished unit that has been through who knows how many hands before...

This was about a week ago. I spent the entire week wasting my time with Marantz' pathetic excuse for costumer service. They first promised me a REALLY "new" unit, and then, after ignoring my e-mails and calls, ended telling me that I would need to pay $200 + SHIPPING (!) if I wanted a new 5007... The nerve!

Boggles the mind!

Marantz charges premium prices for poorly designed and built units, and offers subpar (or worse!) service.

Never again.

(I will post this on as many message boards as possible in order to share my experience with other potential costumers, with the hopes that they will not make the same mistake I made)
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Sorry to hear about your experiences. I hope you keep at it and find a workable solution.
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Brother I feel you pain, went through something with Controller Chaos and their sub par service. I bought a $230.00 controller for my kid , I have had to send it back 3 times , getting a different excuse each time of what was wrong . After the 3rd time I refused to send it back and no amount of bitchin was getting me anywhere. I said send a new one and I will send the old one back and they said no way. I have paid to have it shipped out of the USA 4 times up to Whitehorse Yukon , Canada at 23 bux a pop. These companies nowadays have no customer service what so ever. We finally cut out the mod chip and use it as a regular controller. And Yeah I will keep telling this story till its everywhere. Good on YA spread the word about Marantz, I personally feel the 5007 is Fuggly.

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Originally Posted by someoledude View Post

Sorry to hear about your experiences. I hope you keep at it and find a workable solution.

Thanks for your reply! I will certainly keep at it when it comes to sharing my experience and making it known that their service and costumer support is the worst I have encountered in this business so far. What angers me the most is the fact that they didn't even ask me before making up their own minds and simply getting rid of my 5005. As enthusiasts of this hobby, we develop a special connection (sounds silly, but you know what I mean) with our gear. Well, now I'll never see that unit again. And they didn't even bother to apologize or ask what I wanted to do first...

I don't even have the energy nor the desire to hook up the "new" unit. This whole ordeal just makes me want to forget about home theater as a hobby entirely...
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Originally Posted by Socketman View Post

I personally feel the 5007 is Fuggly.


I have to agree! The 5005 was a lot more aesthetically pleasing... I hate the frontal inputs on the 5007...
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so how does the 5007 sound? You never mentioned that part.
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Originally Posted by afrogt View Post

so how does the 5007 sound? You never mentioned that part.

I never even hooked it up. I kept it untouched for more than a week hoping for a resolution that never happened. In fact, I might sell it. I am disgusted by the whole experience and do not want anything to do with it. If anybody is interested, please feel free to message me.
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I guess we're all different people, I'd hook it up especially since they have your SR5005 and you probably have no other receiver to use at the moment.

I'd be curious to see how it sounds. You got nothing to lose at this point.
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