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Hi all,

I just bought a new samsung plasma 60" model PN60F8500 series plasma tv. The 4 included Active 3d glasses Model: SSG-5100GB glasses are not very comfortable and seem to lose sync every 30 minutes or so. I was looking into getting better replacement ‘active’ glasses that are more comfortable and do a better job of displaying 3D content. I am displaying content from a hdmi connected HTPC, as mostly .mkv files and .avi files. Connecting the content directly to the tv (via usb stick/hd) has the same artifacts, so I am ruling out the HTPC. I have tinkered with the settings on the TV and I am assuming it's the glasses that sometimes display 3d artifacts.

I was looking at xpand’s youniversal site, but I don't see my TV model listed. I was a little worried that if I buy them, they may not sync up correctly, or work at all as my tv or series as is not listed. I have reviewed Samsung’s page and I only see the SSG-3570CR model available but It still looks pretty flimsy, and only seems to add support for a rechargeable battery. I don’t mind if the glasses are rechargeable or not, as watch batteries are cheap. I have reviewed a couple articles and I don't need true universal glasses, I would just like them to work with this TV. I haven’t really found many manufacturers of 3d glasses.. So having the glasses work with different models of tv's isn't that much of a factor in my decision. I was hoping anyone else has any suggestions for good 3d glasses that will work with my model of specific tv?