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Install TV on stone fireplace

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Just moved into a new home with a full stone fireplace. Planning to install a 50-60" tv above the mantle using a Cheetah mount. The stone is uneven so the mount will not sit flush. Having never installed a tv like this, what is the best way to fix the mount to the wall - drill through the stone and secure to studs with some type of spacer between the stone and mount inorder to get it to sit flush, mount some 2x4s to the stone and then the mount to the 2x4s, or remove stone where the mount would sit and then mount it to the wall board into studs (although this may not allow enough clearance for the tv to be mounted).

Thanks for any input.
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Your first instinct of shimming behind the mount to level things out seems the most practical. You'll have the same problem mounting a 2x4 across the stone, unless you want to spend some quality time shaping the back of the board to the contours of your stone. Get a bag of fender washers so you have some surface area behind your fasteners to distribute the compression and make sure to get longer mounting screws to overcome the extra depth.
If this is a real stone fireplace, you may be well served to rent a commercial hammer drill with some muscle behind it to drill the holes for your anchors. A nice clean hole will do a much better job of holding your anchors. Speaking of which, I'd suggest something more robust than anything of plastic or tapcons, such as a wedge type

or expansion type

If your stone is some sort of cast veneer, then your plan of drilling through it to the studs is sound. Start with a masonry bit large enough to let the lag screw pass without binding, then switch to a wood bit of appropriate pilot size once you hit wood.
Once again, the lag screws that came with your mount, if any, are likely too short to overcome this extra depth. Buy some new good quality 5/16" lag screws (or larger if the mount allows it) that are long enough to sink more than 2" into wood.
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Weaselfest - Thanks for the info. The fireplace is a stone veneer so I'm planning to drill through it into the studs which should not be a big issue. Good idea with the fender washers. I may use those to fill the gap of the uneven surface unless I can find something more appropriate. As well, I'm planning on longer lag bolts as the ones supplied with the mount might penetrate the studs 1/2" which is not enough. Looks like I have a project this weekend!
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If your mount has enough play in it to allow some choice in where you have to drill your anchor points, it may make life easier in the future if you can hit the tuck-pointed mortar joints with your holes, so you don't have entire stone pieces to patch if the TV every gets relocated. Just a thought. ......Good luck...Please post pictures when you are done!
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