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Help me rebuild! USB DAC AVR Options???

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I sold all my AV equipment when i moved to China. Now that I'm back stateside, i'm looking to rebuild my home entertainment system. I'm open to suggestions as my goal is to build an HTPC system. My main source of music and movies are now on my computer or network attached storage (NAS).

I was researching the Pioneer Elite SC-79 and realized AVR amps are beginning to include this feature for better music quality. I was considering integrated amps with the USB DAC ports (Bel Canto s300iu for example). In efforts to minimize the amount of equipment i need to buy, I was hoping some of you guys could make some recommendations for AVR receivers that have USB DAC included.

Receiver (again, would be ideal to find one with a USB DAC connection):
SC-79 (may be cost prohibitive)

Another approach i've toyed with is finding an AVR with the necessary connectivities and adding a separate amp to power the front speakers.

Front L/R:
B&W 683 or CM9 if i can find used

Subwoofer (only equipment i currently own):
Paradigm DSP-3400

Rear surrounds
In ceiling (recommendations for these would be appreciated as well)

Living/dining/kitchen is one open area. 30'x30'x12' with no wall separations.
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One option if you're using a computer is a pro audio sourced. Usb audio interface. I play keyboards so i always have one, but they're great for getting audio off a computer. Good headphone outs as well. I have used m-audio with good results(only with windows 2000). I currently use a native instruments komplete. I do not recommend it unless your hobby is restarting your computer(using windows that is). I would look at the focusrite line or m-audio for windows. You have to up the $$$ to get the spdif out.
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good point. I can already tell upgrading computer components is going to be a slippery slope - one I'll gladly take downhill into the fiery abyss

Thanks tstan
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