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I hope this is in the right forum, but I hope to get a little guidance from you guys here. I have an all hdmi setup and want to be able to stream all my media to my tablets and to an outdoor tv via the mhl connection on my samsung galaxy phone by way of a slingbox. As you know, due to hdcp, the slingbox can really only be used with a component input. I do not want to go back in time and start connecting my devices with component. Through some research, I have found that some off brand hdmi splitters have the side effect of bypassing (tricking?) the hdcp of an hdmi connection. If this is the case, I plan to use one of these splitters off of my monoprice matrix switch (w/bd player,htpc cable box etc feeding in) and one of the low priced hdmi to component converters I have seen (the ones that don't always get good reviews because of hdcp problems which should not be a problem with one of the aforementioned hdmi splitters) to connect to the slingbox. Anyone with experience doing something similar? Can anyone confirm that some of the splitters out there do in fact bypass/strip hdcp? Any input is appreciated.

Btw. I am aware that the hdfury (hdfury2,3,4 etc) converters would also accomplish what I am trying to do but I would rather not spend that much money on top of what I am spending on the slingbox itself if I dont have to,