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minor red static in hdmi image

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Hi all,

I have successfully ceiling mounted my projector and the image looks fantastic from my blu-ray player. However, seeing that I live in an apartment, running cables through the wall isn't an option. As a result I have to run the HDMI cable (about ~25ft) to the projector each time from my entertainment unit. It's not a huge issue, but connecting and disconnecting cables to the back of the projector sometimes causes the projector to slip slightly thus ruining my alignment. I opted to have a short HDMI constantly plugged into the projector with an HDMI coupler on the other end so I can just patch my 25' cable directly into that each time rather than the projector itself. When watching material this way the image seems to suffer slightly with red static. I'm guessing the coupler (not gold plated) I have isn't up to the job as both HDMI cables I'm using are thick gold plated ethernet compatible cables which I remember to be expensive.

I'm going to purchase a gold plated coupler later this week to see if that fixes the issue. I don't think the length is the issue just yet (about 30' with the coupler and additional cable). Before I get around to heading to Fry's I thought I would ask around here to see what other peoples opinions were. Thoughts? Has anyone else experienced red static? If I had the option I would not use such a long cable, but the layout of my apartment and set-up calls for one.

Cheers fellas! cool.gif
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it is a cable issue for sure. I have seen the same thing with damaged cable.
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