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PS3 firmware upgrade 4.45 - BRICKED SYSTEM

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I'm not sure how long ago this new firmware came out since I've been busy and out for a couple of weeks. I'm doing some equipment and furniture changes/updates; last night finally had everything set up an ready to test, as soon as I turned on the PS3 and put in a bluray it asked for an update. Got to the update as usual but then when it was time to boot back up it never did. My first thought was that maybe the monitor resolution wasn't being recognized so I tried resetting the monitor resolution -- nothing. Decided to finished testing the other components and leave the PS3 for later. Got late and just left the PS3 alone. Just as curiosity wanted to check what the changes were for the new PS3 firmware when I found out the dreaded and common BRICK for 4.45. Also learned that there is a a fix for this with firmware 4.46. The new firmware needs to be installed through a USB and through safemode.

I'll run the new 4.46 firmware some time tonight -- hopefully this will fix it.

Anyone else with this problem?
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Are you sure it is 4.45?

The latest version is 4.50. There is a thread over here too.

The PS3 should have downloaded the latest version, 4.50 and not the faulty 4.45
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I couldn't say for sure 100% but I believe it downloaded 4.45. Not sure if going directly to 4.50 will fix the problem. All that I found out is that 4.46 fixes the problem.
Just for safety sake, I'll upgrade 4.46 first.

If anyone has had this problem I would love to hear your experience and how you fixed it.
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Hmmm, something is weird.

FW 4.45 came out in June and did cause freezing issues for some PS3 owners. It was taken offline by Sony, and eventually FW 4.46 came out to address the issue. We now have FW 4.50 from the last week or so with no reported issues. How could you have gotten 4.45 when Sony took it down early summer?

In any case, each FW release contains all the stuff from earlier releases. Don't do this with a file transfer method from some suspect website if that's how you got the bad file - follow the instructions for the 4.46 release I linked above but use this v4.50 file directly from Sony instead of the old v4.46 file listed. Things should then be OK.
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It upgraded from the box... then bricked, it never booted back up. I have a kid asking (eager) me to fix it eek.gif
I would like to get it back up too ...
I downloaded 4.46 and 4.50, so I'll go directly to 4.5 and report back.
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In my experience, and I was bricked by 4.45 and restored by 4.46, if you were bricked by 4.45, your Playstation would appear to start up as normal and display the waving background ribbon, however, it would hang at that point and the XMB icons would never appear. That was pretty much the universal experience of those bricked by 4.45. If anything else happened, it probably wasn't caused by 4.45.

Also note some problems have been reported on Sony's official forums regarding 4.50 bricking consoles.
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It came back to life!!! smile.gif

It wouldn't go into safe mode at the beginning so I unplugged it for 5 minutes and started over. It asked for the a firmware, looked for it and I guess it loads it to its harddrive then shots down. I was expecting the PS3 to reboot itself and do the actual install. I had to manually go into safe mode again, which had to do the unplug one more time before being able to go into safe mode. Once entered safe mode the PS3 picked up the installed by itself. After it finished then it rebooted by itself and worked as normal. One thing though it had a warning abut checking the file system. It ran some kind of file/partition check and then rebooted as normal.

Back to life and running V4.50
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Congrats. smile.gif
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