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Samsung PN60F5300 ABL help!

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Hello all,

I own a Samsung PN60F5300 plasma that I got for $800 a few months back on sale. I got it due to the great price. Until now I have loved the TV and it has performed great. However, its hockey season now and I watch a lot of hockey. This TV is absolutely unacceptable to watch hockey on. It goes dim, then light, then dim, then light constantly and its really intrusive. I have an older 50'' Sammy plasma that NEVER did this. I know its the ABL, and I know I cant turn it off, but this is unbearable. Why does this one do it and not my older one? Is there ANYTHING I can do about this? Is there a firmware update or something?

Thanks in advance!
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I guess the only thing you can really do is lower the contrast. Once you have it low enough the screen should just stay dim. Probably won't look too great, but the brightening and dimming of the screen should mostly stop.
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I've read on amazon reviews that you can turn ABL off, maybe need a FW-update to do that?


link to those comments:


"Uhh, turn the auto brightness off. I watch tons of hockey. No issues here."

"Ah, Yeah there is an option to turn off ABL. Use the Remote go to System->General->Auto Brightness. Then Select off."



"The ABL feature can be disabled. I just hooked this tv up yesterday and I agree. At first the picture was dull and lacked the depth and pop that I usually expect from my plasma tvs. A quick glance through the menu options and done. No more annoying light changes....."



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This is different than the ABL, the ABL is automatic on every plasma and cannot be turned off
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