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Good morning,

I recently acquired an HD25-LV projector, thanks to a spectacular deal on the projector and glasses. In overall I'm extremely happy with it for the budget.

However I am encountering a rather annoying situation: in 3D, there is a noticeable color shift to green which to date I have not been able to compensate efficiently. I managed to decrease the impact by simply playing with the tint setting of the projector, but it's far from satisfactory.

I would therefore like to gather some details on how to best calibrate it, without buying a color sensor.

Specifically, the HD25-LV provide settings for saturation, gain and hue for RGBCMY components, and RGB settings for white, but being rather unknowledgeable on color correction, this is rather difficult for me to actually determine the best approach

So is there any link/recommendation to read to gather some knowledge on the above topic, or better still some recommended settings/procedure to use ?

Thanks and regards