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Rear Speaker advice

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I have Andrew Jones towers and center and am looking to add some rear speakers. I know most will suggest the Andrew jones bookshelfs, but they are just to big and gaudy to wall mount. Need something small with good sound match to the L/C/R. Need to keep it under 200 for the pair.
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They can't (shouldn't) be wall mounted as they are rear ported.

I'm not sure how well they'll match, but here is an option for wall mounted http://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-Synergy-S-10-Surround-Speakers/dp/B003XRD9VE/ref=sr_1_4?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1381449947&sr=1-4&keywords=klipsch

They are small enough and less than $200. If they don't match well, you can return them.
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Anywhere local have those or just Amazon?
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I bought the s10s from klipsch a week ago for rears. I love them. I highly reccomend them. I got them for 150.
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What are your front speakers?
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I'm in the middle of upgrading. But they are def tech studio 45s
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