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Sonos as a 5.1 set up?

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Hi all,

I have been going back and forth with what to do for the family room. Buy a receiver and speakers for a 5.1 or but a Soundbar that emulates surround sound.

Soundbar is a good solution where there are few wires and no need to run cables etc, which wife does not want anyways. So i went to the store and listened to the Bose 1 SR which had some great reviews over at AVS forum and I was impressed, and i have never listened to Bose products in the past and they are not considered very good, but I was impressed with this sound bar.

I also listened to the Yamaha YSP 2200, I think it was not properly set up coz I did not hear the sound effect as people have claimed it has.

I came back home and started doing some research and Sonos came up.

Now I am very interested in this set up if possible.

So will a Playbar and sub and 2 Play 1 or play 3 be a good 5.1 option. Will i also have the flexibility to move the play 1 or play 3 into a different room when not using them as surround in the family room.

I don't know much about sons, so any advice here would be helpful. I want it for mostly movies and tv, but also like the fact that I can stream Spotify wirelessly.

I have read that the play-bar has only limited connectivity so are they planning to introduce a new sound-bar anytime soon as I can wait if its a matter of few months.

I have a LG tv if that matters and will be using NAS to stream movies to the TV.
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People here like the proper full setup, not the compromised space-saver solutions. We go through this a lot. A lot of the time I have recommended people away from these ideas, the person has replied "well I really want this to work because I don't want big speakers all around my room." So in most cases they have already made up their mind. When I read your post I thought you are already sold on Sonos so what's the point of giving you my opinion? Not trying to be rude, that's just what I was thinking. So don't buy a sound bar, not even a Sonos. I have had the Yamaha YSP-2201 and was not impressed. I went to a Bose store to listen to theirs, I thought mine was better actually, and theirs was in their showroom (mine was just in my living room with terrible acoustics). I listened to the Sonos and wasn't impressed. The only thing I liked from Sonos was their audio networking solution, which can be done on any system if you buy their Sonos Connect. I don't need it, I have all my songs uncompressed in iTunes and I am happy to stream that from the iPad or computer through Apple TV into the receiver.

When I looked for better systems I did my research and ended up with a Yamaha Aventage RX-A820 receiver, which I got B-stock (can't even tell, but I saved a crap load of money) and I started out with just two Ascend bookshelf speakers (CBM-170SE). With just two channels, it sounded way better than any Bose system, Sonos, and any soundbar. I later added a CMT-340SE center speaker. Wow, the power, soundstage, neutrality, and wide frequency response is awesome. A friend commented about the huge amount of bass, I don't even have a sub yet). My wife likes the sound so much better that she doesn't regret giving up the space to get it. I am yet to add the two CMT-340SE and the Rythmik LV12R sub, but everyone here who has the same setup says how great it is, and I am already loving my incomplete setup so much more than any system I have had in the past.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If you decide to try a soundbar anyway, make sure you get a 30-day return policy.
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I heard the sonos 5.1 set up at Cedia. It was the playbar, sub., and I think they used wired triad speakers in the rear wall. I thought it sounded good for what it was. It's a simple solution with some limitations but fits a need for certain groups.
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Originally Posted by 7channelfreak View Post

I thought it sounded good for what it was.
When I did my Amazon review on the YSP-2201, that is the review title I used "for what it is." Its the justification for everything. Everything is compromised for a legitimate reason, so everything's always "good for what it is." A sound bar tries to replicate the sound of 5 speakers with only one. It doesn't come close to sounding as good as 5 speakers, so any improvement over 1 speaker will make it "good for what it is." Personally, I think one good center speaker sounds better.
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I've got a friend who recently moved. In his old house he had a wired 5.1 set up. In his new place he has a Sonos setup similar to what you described. He says the Sonos set up is far better than using the tv speakers, but not close to his previous wired 5.1 setup. The way he described it, it sounds similar to my Sound Bar w/ wireless sub setup I use in front of my treadmill in the garage.

To me, it's worth the effort and money to have at least one place in the house with a proper wired setup. In secondary rooms I'm willing to compromise.
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