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Sunfire Theater Grand Amplifier 7401 or Outlaw Audio 7900

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Setting up my new dedicated Theater and trying to decide on which amp to use. If you look at list price, the Outlaw beats the Sunfire, but lets put price aside...and assume they both cost the same (or the Sunfire is cheaper)...so amp for amp...thoughts? I have other Outlaw products and have used Sunfire in the past, and they are both great products. Let the debate start...please...thanks for you input.
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Really, they will sound the same. Both are well-designed quality amps.
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That is what I was thinking...that either way I can't go wrong. Wasn't sure if anyone has done a comparison of any sort, and/or had any direct experience with both products. I am thinking about going with the Sunfire CRS-3C for LCR's or the Martin Logan Edge, still trying to decide on surrounds, I want to go with inwalls, but they get kind of limited in terms of bi-pole, di-pole inwalls...the Klipsch KS-7800's are nice or BG Radia SS-202 or SS-303, or I could use the Martin Logan Helos 22's (either in the ceiling or in the walls) and go with Martin Logan all the way around. Add the Helos 12's for 11.2...??? Thanks for the input, if anyone else has any opinions, please let me know. Thanks!
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Is the Sunfire class D?  It's a lot lighter and will run cooler in that case if it matters to you.  Also, Outlaw can be had by simply ordering one online or phoning them directly, I guess you'd have to find a dealer for Sunfire .  I'd concur that either would be a great option though.  

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Originally Posted by audio4life View Post

Is the Sunfire class D?


it's actually a form of class H, a variation on class A/B design but with better efficiency power supply. uses Carver's unique, proprietary Tracking Downconverter voltage scheme.

but it is definitely NOT a class D amp.
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I find it impressive that the Sunfire makes that much power and is still NRTL safety certified. That said, I actually use an amp much like the Outlaw you're looking at (ATI AT2007).
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I hear you, a 46lb amp and a 145lb amp...huge difference...as ss9001 stated, it is the proprietary Tracking Downconverter voltage scheme that gives the amp it's efficiency and power. Bob Carver is one of the masters.
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My 1400 watt Outlaw weighs 90 lbs and I will never sell it.

My Sunfire True Sub is a 50lb 11" cube weighing in at 2700 watts (I verified that electrically, but that's another story}. It's amp is also of Bob Carver's Tracking Downconverter technology. That amp is the size of a candy bar. If I can borrow one of Bob's favorite adjectives; Amazing!

Oh when you consider how hot amps can get, that sub has no ventilation.
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