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My Dual 1258 is the best purchase I've made for a very long time but it had two things that had to be fixed; No 1. the right channel would randomly hum which was easily fixed by wiggling at the connector but still needed to be fixed. The second issue was the length of the cord which was way too short for current setup so I wanted to solve that too. Let the journey begin

First of all this is my first cable replacement so this wasn't exactly the best looking fix in the world but I didn't want to buy the special connector and spend over an hour installing it. The first thing I did was take the back plate, where the power cord, RCA cords, and ground come in, off so I could remove the the turntable assembly. I was hoping to find a DIN connector or better a simple RCA female connector but there wasn't one mad.gif Instead I cut the cord about 6 inches from the back plate I then very carefully stripped the the insulation off and connected it to my "new" cord, which, luckily, was the same gauge and I had no problem connecting them together. The thing I didn't think about was how was I going to insulate the cord. Well I used my best friend Mr electrical tape as insulation, not the best looking insulator but hell the cord didn't match anyways and you can't see it.

Once I plugged my turntable back in, I dropped the needle on my "The long run" album to test her out. It sounded just like it did before, of course there was no hum. So if anybody needs to replace the cord on a turntable don't be intimated because it's very easy to replace and doesn't take much time.