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Hi guys I just bought a MCS 6701 Record changer style stacker for 50.00 on eBay . Let me tell you it sound good to me I got the smaller 33 spindle and the auto stacker for 33 also with it for that price too . I had to buy the 45 rpm stacker from eBay fro 60.00 . But now I have all three of them and also have the smaller one for the 45 records too , I really like the audio technica cartridge it came with it . The replacement needle is only 20.00 bucks and Im told it a entry level cartridge too . . The model Im unsure of but I I think its a AT-71 OR AT-70 cartridge . I see people getting things like this from the goodwill but I never find it there or if I do it always messed up or broken too . I can nevwer find a good working model at the thrift stores I find record but no good turntables sometimes theres a lot of television CRT Styles and DLP Televisions too . But when it comes to good audio equipment I can never find it . So its off to eBay for me . I also just got a non working item , A Denon Receiver Model 2809CI No remote or audyessey mike . I need to find the remote Model RC-1102 AND THE Second one for the zone's RC-1106 . But the receiver works on all channels but sometimes has a problem with HDMI When playing a Blu-ray . The video and sound will dropout and then come back and will never do it again why playing the Blu-ray . I can live with that . it May as well need new caps in the HDMIBoard like onkyo receivers do . Im betting it a cheap fix too . But the bottom line ids most people wont but the thing I do . I also got a Marantz SR-18 EX 3 YEARS ago off of eBay for 100.00 bucks and it just needed to be resolder to get her working again .But it now biit the dust and needs a new transformer for iot or be rebuilt . I can have it fixed for 35.00 .