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Looking for some help

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So I am looking at upgrading my media streamer. I will start with what I currently have.


For media streamers I currently am using a Boxee Box for my primary streamer, what I love about it is its media jukebox ability to handle all of my files and I have it set to screen saver all of my pictures from my servers, what I didn't like was that they never put all of the features that the computer version had finished with so it never seemed complete. I also have a WD TV Live Hub which I have had issues getting it to stream my files so mostly using it as a NAS. I also have an older HTPC I still occasionally use.


I currently use 2 different file servers for hosting my media, which has also spilled out into 2 NAS devices. I like taking pictures with a DSLR and have quite a few years(15ish years) worth of digital photography and home movies on my servers.


What I am looking for is a good media streamer that can handle pretty much any file I throw at it. Having the ability to show my pictures as a screen saver from my servers would be nice but not a deal breaker. It needs to have a Vudu app as I also have a large collection of movies and TV shows available through that. Have an easily accepted WAF, it took awhile but my wife finally got the hang of the Boxee Box. Also the ability to have onboard storage wouldn't hurt. Not worried about 3d either but if its got it I can eventually make use of it. Would also prefer to have a gigabit ethernet port.


Currently I have been checking out the Dune HD Base 3d, KDLinks HD720, Popcorn hour C-300, and the Mede8er 1000X3D. I am leaning more torwards the Dune HD Base 3d or the KDLinks HD720. What are your thoughts?

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None of those old boxes have Vudu support, they are all based off older hardware designed for use with digital media collections stored on local network. Also a lot of the older players sucked when it came to picture browsing.

If you need Vudu then your best waiting for the the new v4 Android TV devices in the works, Android TV platform is replacing the former Google TV platform which does have a VuDu app like on the Sony NSZ-GS8.

The Android TV runs Android 4.2 which means it will be able to run XBMC or Plex as your media center on the box. There is even a skin which makes XBMC look just like Boxee.

The older Google TV boxes will probably get updated to Android TV but the hardware on these is really slow, I'm not so sure they would be a good fit for XBMC, I would wait to see if new hardware is announced, Pivos in particular specialize in Android/XBMC boxes and have a new one coming by the end of the year hopefully it is based off the Android TV platform or wait and see what Sony or LG release.

The only other option for VuDu would be get a Samsung Blu-ray player and if you can use Plex media server on a NAS there is a Plex client in Samsung app central. The Samsung BD player will handle most common media types though it does also come with Cinavia DRM as a result.
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I was never really all that excited about the google/android tv platform, we had a Logitech Revue that just never really lived up to expectations. Ok so I may have to go with 2 devices then. What are the latest devices for local content?

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Android based media player do not support HD sound. If that isn't an issue then those might work. I use the older Dune Smart D1 media player,and a use a PS3 for Netflix, Hulu and Vudu if needed. Unfortunately, the only device that can have it all is an HTPC.
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