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Simple question regarding pairing a 5.1 receiver to a separate amp to drive whole house speakers

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Sorry if this question is redundant to knowledgeable folks of this forum.
I have been reading posts here for several days along with various company websites and i just become more confused.
Simply I want to keep ma 5.1 system and drive an amp to power the in wall speakers in the various rooms and outside my house..
Each room is prewired and has volume controllers.
The inputs into my current reciever are 1 HDMI for Cable and 1 HDMI for a HTPC.
I need a receiver that will easily/simply convert the HDMI digital signal to a simple stereo signal for the amp to feed the other rooms and outdoor speakers. Nothing fancy, like feeding additional video, or playing different feeds to the 2nd zone.
I just want to be able to play the TV sound signal, receiver music, or whats coming from the PC to the amp and my living room speakers at the same time.
I am not an audiophile, and , 5.1 is OK with me though 7.1 would be ok but not utilized as i will not be purchasing additional speakers.
Fronts, rears, Center, and subs are all newer larger JBL and quite capable of handling 90-100 watts.
Currently have a yamaha 4XV467 which has been adequate but will not do what i am asking here.
I was hoping to stay down in the 4-600 dollar range on the receiver.
Would anyone care to make a suggestion?
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I thought I had a solution for you, but it looks like someone else will have to weigh in.

The Yamaha RX-V575 has a "Zone B" option. With that option, the unit will play 5.1-channel sound in the main zone, and downmixed 2-channel sound (of the same input) to Zone B. This would be exactly what you want, except that Zone B is a speaker-level output only. You wouldn't be able to connect an external amp.

So I checked out the two-steps-up RX-V775, which has a "Zone 2" that is output via RCA jacks (i.e., you can connect Zone 2 to an external amp). However, in the higher up models (and it appears that other brands, e.g., Denon and Pioneer, do the same thing), Zone 2 is meant to play a different input than the main zone. And, according to the manuals, if you select the same input to be played over both zones (called "Party Mode" by Yamaha; no special name by Denon), the main zone (your living room) will play only stereo instead of 5.1-channel.

It's kind of a bummer, since one day I will need this same functionality. Maybe someone else who has solved this problem can share their solution...
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I really appreciate you taking a moment to reply.
You may be on to something here that if I clarify you or someone else can help me with.
I may not really need a real zone 2. I dont need video, and i dont want to play different signals to the different zones. Though that is a cool feature.
What I need is the capability to play music in my living room and pump the same signal to the amp to drive the whole house speaker system.
So stereo to all of the living room during music play is actually fine, doesn't rally need to be decoded to 5.1 just want all the speakers including the sub to fire.

What i think is my problem is decoding the signal from the Cablebox HDMI input and or the HTPC HDMI input and driving the speakers hooked to the receiver and also the pre out (or zone 2). I am not sure many receivers can accomplish decoding the HDMI signal to a second output at the same time.

I am pretty sure the Denon x3000 will definitely do this but it may be overkill and it is priced at 899 . If thats how i must roll i will as i am sure it will drive the 5.1 system quite nicely and has several other cool features.

3am edit. I just went back and read your post again after my happy hour Bourbons had worn off and see you actually suggested the Yamaha 775.
It seems like these may do exactly as i am describing.
My last 2 receivers have been Yamahas and while they have been OK I dont like YPAO or some of the other interfaces of the Yamaha. Also my rxv467 acts really flakey with the HDMI input from Cable to the Monitor.
I will give the 775 a look though since you think it will accomplish my goal of playing music in both Zones.
Once again i have to mention/ask do ytou think it will convert digital from HDMI to both zones?
Also Can you give me a specific Denon and Pioneer Model to look at?
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The Denon X3000 not only has a dedicated Zone 2 (HDMI) monitor our, but can also pass PCM 2.0 HDMI/optical/digital coax to Zone 2 pre-outs/speaker posts as well.
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