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Maddog Theater

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Welcome to the Maddog Theater! I began this project in June 2012 and completed it at the end of July 2013. Well, I say 'completed' but I will still be doing things here and there to finish up but it has come into use as of July 2013. cool.gif I did all the work myself from design, framing, HVAC, electrical, insulation, drywall, paint etc. and had a helping hand here or there with the exception of laying/installing the carpet (had the carpet hired out). This was done while I was also finishing out our family/play room area in the basement and all done with a smaller budget in mind, at least compared to some others I have envied. I feel I got a lot for what I spent. I need to collect all my receipts and what not to tally everything up from construction materials, electronics, furniture, etc. for the theater but rough estimate is approximately $18k – 19k in funds and some of blood, a lot of sweat, and hard work. I got many ideas here from fellow AVS members, which I am extremely thankful. I’m sharing my build a little unconventionally, revealing the completed project and will go back through as I have time to review what I did for certain parts of the theater and give a lessons learned for some of my experiments. Also, I will post as I update/add things to the theater. I really like my room and mainly enjoy watching movies in it with my family and friends and viewing an occasional sports game, particularly NCAA football and basketball.

Front Corner to Back View of Maddog Theater

Theater Dimensions:
Final Post Construction - 19'5" Deep x 16'5" Wide x 7’7” Tall
•Front Row: 11'6" - seat to screen
•Back Row: 17'0" - seat to screen
•Projector: 15’6" - lens to screen
•Riser Platform – 7’0” Deep
•Columns – 6” Deep x 22.5” Wide

Seating for 9 Adults and 2 small children
•Back Row: 5 Berkline 12000 (Frampton) Black Leather Motorized Recliners - configuration |O|OO|O|O|
•Front Row: 4 Berkline 12000 (Frampton) Black Leather Motorized Recliners – configuration |O|OO|O|
•2 mini recliners (Costco special… Don’t recall the brand)

11.2 Surround Sound
•Center: BIC Acoustech PL-28
•Front Left/Right: BIC Acoustech PL-89
•Front Wide Left/Right: BIC America Formula FH6-W
•Front High Left/Right: BIC America Formula FH6-W
•Side Surround Left/Right: BIC Acoustech PL-66
•Back Surround Left/Right: BIC Acoustech PL-66
•Subwoofer 1: Acoustic Research PR1212
•Subwoofer 2: Acoustic Research PR1010

•Rack: CPI 7’ 45U two-post w/ smoked plexi-glass door
•Receiver: Denon AVR-4311CI
•Amplifier: Adcom GFA-6000
•Blu-ray Player: Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD
•Media Player: Apple TV – MD199LL/A
•Projector: JVC DLA-RS46
•Projector Surge Protector: Monster FS MP HTS300
•Projector Mount: Peerless PRGUNV
•Screen: Elite Screens 138" 2.35 AT – R138WH1W-A1080
•HTPC: Dell Optiplex 960 – Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 3.00 GHz CPU, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD6450 Graphics Card, 300GB HD, Blu-Ray Drive, DVD Burner Drive, Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 TV Tuner Card
•Power Conditioner: Monster Cable HTS-1650
•Remote: Logitech Harmony One
•Gigabit Ethernet Switch: Zyxel GS1100-16
•NAS: 2TB Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo LS-WV2.0TL/R1-R
•Router: Cisco WRT610N

•Lighting Automation: Insteon Hub (2242-222)
•Main Switch: Insteon KeypadLinc (2487S) with Black button kit (2401BK6)
•LED Tray Switch: Insteon SwitchLinc Dimmer (2477DBK)
•Stair LED Lights: Insteon OutletLinc Dimmer (2472DBK)
•Five Custom Backlit LED Movie Posters (4 inside theater room & 1 outside)
•Ten 4” Round LEDs in soffit tray
•Color changing LED strip lighting in soffit tray

Carpet, Paint, Fabric, Miscellaneous:
•Shaw Floors Carpet – Glen Avon – Nordic Shadow
•Front Wall & Ceiling – Behr Premium Plus Ultra –Flat Matte – Black Onyx
•Side and Back Walls – Behr Premium Plus Ultra –Flat Matte – Starless Night
•Trim – Behr Premium Plus Ultra –Flat Matte – Antique Tin
•Speaker Column Frames – ¾” Aluminum welded frames wrapped in Sew Classic Knits – Black Ponte
•Wiring - Monoprice 12AWG speaker wire, HDMI, CAT6, coaxial, keystones and other misc monoprice items
•Maddog Blu-ray Collection

To Do List (in no order):
Touch up paint here and there
Install stair step LED lights
Tweak LED tray lighting to get more uniform light spread
Upgrade my used subs that are a decade old
Upgrade Blu-ray player
Install baseboard trim
Bass-shakers for seating (pre-wired and ready)
Add small SSD to HTPC
Add more disk space for storing digital rips of my Blu-rays
Ripping all my Blu-rays and integrating my HTPC for selecting / viewing movies
Finish off utility room (opposite wall of screen wall) to help with sound transmission to rest of house

Front to Back view

Back to Front View (high angle) - 138" CinemaScope screen

Back Corner to Front View (high angle) - 138" CinemaScope screen

Custom DIY LED backlit movie posters on rightside of theater: Avengers Inception

Custom DIY LED backlit movie posters on left side of theater: Spiderman 3 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Edited by rmaddog - 12/5/13 at 5:35pm
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Beautiful home theater on a pretty reasonable budget. Kudos to you, looks great!
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That is a nice looking room you have there. Looking forward to seeing some construction pics. Did you follow similar builds on here for the lighted movie posters?
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Thanks guys. Vanice, as far as the movie posters go, I came up with my own design that I haven't seen on the forum (or at least I don't think is here). I'm compiling some pictures and instructions/steps of how and why I did what I did with the posters. I was able to basically get all 5 done for around $100 a piece, which includes the poster, frames, lighting, etc. with the design I went with. I'll try to get that on here first soon.
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Great job, Maddog! I like the space-saver soffit design.
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Picked up a Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD blu-ray player on open-box closeout at Best Buy over the Thanksgiving break to replace the old, crappy, really slow Sharp one I had. Going to put it in my rack and get some good use out of it this weekend. smile.gif
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Nice set up man.

One question, does the light leaking under the door distract you when watching? Being in my line of sight when watching a movie would drive me bonkers.
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Originally Posted by kopkiwi View Post

Nice set up man.

One question, does the light leaking under the door distract you when watching? Being in my line of sight when watching a movie would drive me bonkers.

Thanks kopkiwi. There is no like leakage though. What looks like light leakage at the bottom of the door in some of the pics is actually the threshold. The door is an exterior door with a metal threshold w/ a wood lip where the door 'sits' when closed. That wood lip is painted white to match the outside of the theater which is what you are seeing as light leakage in the photos. With the rubber skirt on the bottom of the door, its a tight seal. I can have the sound all the way up and when you shut the door, you hear next to nothing outside the theater.

Here are a couple quick pics I took with my iPhone of the door/threshold:

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Ahhhh, fantastic.

I am no longer mentally distracted when looking at your pics lol
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