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New Theater Build

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I am finally starting my new home theater build in my new home. I have done some research into sound deadening techniques and acoustic treatments over the past several weeks. I am looking for some advice in a few areas.


My dedicated room is 11.5' x 24' (Ceiling height is 12') with concrete foundation on 3 sides. I am planning on installing double 5/8" drywall with green glue on the ceiling and non-foundation wall. The foundation walls will have a frame installed with some regular insulation. My question relates to the false wall I am planning on building. I will be constructing a shelf behind my 120" screen opening in a false wall. We are planning on placing LCR floorstanding speakers along with 2 powered 12" subs on the shelf behind my acoustically transparent screen.


What is the correct way to ensure the best sound quality for the speakers on the shelf; specifically the subs. I am worried about rattles in the false wall. Should I double drywall and green glue the concrete surface behind the false wall? I was already planning on framing and drywalling with just some R-19 insulation but I can make any adjustments that are recommended.


FYI - This is the gear I have already purchased:



Epson 5030UB

Elite EZFrame 120" Acoustic Pro



Denon 4520ci

Polk Floor standing RTIA7B for LCR

2 pairs of Polk FXIA6B surrounds

2 DSWPRO 660Wi 12" subwoofers

Panamax Line conditioner

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Personally, I would DD+GG all four walls and ceiling prior to any shelf or anything else behind the false wall. Also use some method of de-coupling (Clips and hat channel, or staggered studs). This will give you the most bang for your buck in the sound isolation department IMO. Definitely use insulation in the wall/ceiling cavities all around as well. Regular pink fluffy works great. If you haven't already, check out the soundproofing company at http://www.soundproofingcompany.com . Talk to Ted and/or John. They will give you some of the best advice around.

You will hear it a lot on this site. Get the room right first before you start focusing on components. Those are easy to upgrade later on, but tearing out walls and re-doing them isn't really an option.
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+1 All four walls get Double DW and GG. If you don't either isolate the wall framing or the drywall itself you are likely going to be disappointed in how much vibration makes it way to the rest of the house. With 12 ft of height and such a narrow room I would give serious consideration of building a true room within a room. Add a second set of ceiling joists at 10 ft sitting on wall framing that is built 2 ft shy of the room height. Then you can skip the clips and channel as everything is decoupled. Build the drywall bunker first worry about the screen wall and speaker shelves later, Not sure why you would want to elevate your sub woofers.
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