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Panasonic TC-L58E60 and the Vizio E601i-A3

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Looking for a TV in the $800 to $1000 price range. Priority list--
1) Motion quality
2) Natural colors
3) Low input lag for gaming
4) Reduced glare 
5) Viewing angle (non-issue now, but for the future)

Smart TV is almost irrelevant to me at this point. What's your opinion on these two TV's specifically versus each other?

I like the look and trust the brand of the Panasonic, but the Vizio seems to be much more popular. Any particular reason for that?

I'd greatly appreciate your educated input and logic on this one. I plan on ordering a TV either today or tomorrow because I'm going crazy without one. I'll be watching off a Roku3 and PS3 in medium bright daylight mostly. 

Recommendations for other TV's with semi-matte or matte screens are welcome.

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First off, both your TV displays choices are pretty good for your price range, though I feel there are some pros and cons to each of your choices. The Vizio is more popular because it is marketed almost solely to large end retailers, such as, Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc. So it is obvious that is would be more widely purchased by consumers across the board. But, I don't feel that this makes the Vizio a game breaker. To me, I would say the overall the Panasonic would be the better quality choice. I say this because in a lot of your criteria for these displays are equal on paper but, Panasonic has a better track record of more quality products as far as their TV Display line goes. Each Display has a refresh rate of 120hz which is standard at this size TV screen. When it comes to Visibility, there are some differences that may be deciding factors on your TV debate. Vizio has less of a glare with its semi-gloss matte finish as compared to Panasonic's new version model with a screen that has some reviews about glare being an issue. This should also should help shed light on viewing angles and display placement in the room you will be operating it in. Be mindful that if you have a sunny or natural illuminated room there are more chances that the screen will be affected by this. I know you said your price range is limited between $800-$1000 but, take a look at Samsung's line of L.E.D.'s. They are really on the cutting edge for quality, innovations, and service. Hope this helps you out.

Lead AV Tech, AA Rental
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Keep in mind that acording to Consumer Reports, panasonic has a 2% failure rate vs 4% for Vizio wit a disclaimer that says anything less than 3 points different is meaningless. Typicaly Panny's are quite a few hundred more for a set with equivalent features, sets in the 60 - 70" range may be 500 difference.
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I ended up ordering a Samsung UN60FH6003 =)
I have a Yamaha RX-V565 waiting to get paired with. 

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How do you like the UN60FH6003 for gaming?  I had to return a Sharp lc60le650u due to input lag and motion blur from my Xbox One (though the movie performance was top notch)

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