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MartinLogan MLT-2 are not rear ported are they?

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Almost can't resist at $169.99 from NewEgg even though it appears there is a fairly wide spread issue with the sub. From the picture these aren't rear ported speakers are they? I see the little keyhole but is that a tiny port below it?

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That hole is so small it wouldn't even matter.

The sale ends today.
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Yeah it does, was going to pass because it seems the sub is 99% going to go out...but from what I can read even the 5 speakers for $169 seems like a great deal.
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I couldn't resist at that price. rolleyes.gif

They are not ported. Very heavy injection-molded plastic shells and the "hole" below the keyhole is actually a black sticker covering what looks like the molding injection point. The Paradigm version of this speaker has some kind of writing on the sticker.

Even though they are plastic, they seem very well made. The keyhole doesn't go back in very far, but the two small non-threaded mounting holes are >1" deep into solid plastic. I am surprised by how heavy everything is. The sats are a half pound heavier than the latest Energy Take 5's and the center is almost two pounds heavier. Overall, 60 pound shipping weight compared to 42 for the Energy. Not that being heavier makes them "better"... but if you were worried about them not being stout... well don't worry. I think I (220lbs) could stand on the sats or center and they'd be fine.

I will agree completely with the complaints about the cheap box it comes in. It's fine as a retail box in a store, or if the system weighed half of what it does, but it really needs an outer shipping box. My only real complaint so far. Time will tell on the sub.

Speaking of which, the latest thing I read suggested ML will honor the warranty on the subwoofers and will let you to ship back just the powersupply instead of the whole thing (the apparent source of the crackling). While I don't expect these to sound anything like MartinLogan's other products, I'm glad to see the company standing behind them in this way.

I'm going to power mine with a Marantz SR5008 in my 12'x12' home-office. I'll use them 5.1 for now, figuring they'd make ok surround speakers if I decided to get better mains/center. For now they should be fine in my small room. I'll try to report back on my impressions of the sound once I get the AVR here and all setup. I've got an old set of original Energy Take 5's in another room. While that room's subs are a pair of AT162PBM's instead of an Energy, I'm still looking forward to the comparison.
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