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Looking for help/advice.


I recently recorded a podcast using Adobe Audition CS6 for Mac and upon listening back noticed that all audio after about the 3 minute mark was plagued with a terrible crackle/pop throughout - hear the example here:


Now I've had this happen only once before and that was because my I/O Buffer Size was set too low - I had since fixed this by setting it to 2048 and never had te issue again. I was also able to hear the crackle in my headphones that time - however this time there was no warning.


Is there any way to repair the audio? I have used the click removal effect and while it helps the crackles are still quite noticeable. Any other tips you can give me? I'm desperate to try and clean this up as much possible.


Also what could have caused this? I use a Mackie mixer and it seemed to start when all 3 of us doing the show started talking simultaneously.


Very very strange.


Thanks in advance,