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Samsung LED TV UN50EH6000F Auto Dimming On Already Dark Screens

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I have a really frustrating problem, and I've had it since the day I bought this TV


The TV automatically adjusts brightness. What's even worse is that it does this on already dark screens. Put in a movie, on bright screens press volume up and down and you will not see a difference.


However, in dark screens, press volume up and down, and you will notice that the brightness/contrast is significantly improved! The TV is automatically decreasing contrast/brightness/backlight/whatever, on already dark screens!


I tried accessing the service menu, but did not find any options for CE Dimming or Auto-Dimming or anything of the sort. There are loads of options for backlight/contrast/brightness in the options menu, but none of them resolves the issue of the TV automatically making an already dark screen even darker.


Try running the test yourself on dark screens then bright screens, you'll see exactly what I mean.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Although I do not have sammy led now (money back under warranty due to bug in CMS), you may read
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If this helps - 


Under the Service Menu, under Sub Option I see that Dimm Type is set to EXT but it does not give me the option to change this


Watchdog - ON


FRC Auto Recovey - On


E-POP Default - On

Energy Star - On


I have tried turning Energy Star Off, but it still has the same effect, so I just put it back to On.

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There is no way to affect CE dimming in service menu. ONLY possible way is to try what worked on 2012 ES series. Good luck.
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It's so frustrating. This is both the best and worst TV I've ever had. I have never seen such clarity/sharpness. It's better than real life!


The increased frames per second upscaling, "motion plus" whatever, is very polarizing as it can sometimes lead to blurriness when there is movement on screen, but I personally like it. Sure, I don't like the blurriness, but it lets me see increased movements I have never seen on any other TV before. I didn't know that an increased frames per second presented such a marked improvement!


But UGH, when it is dark, it is WAY TOO DARK. It's so frustrating. Sometimes I just want to give up and just sell the god damn thing on Craigslist and just start over with a different TV that doesn't have this issue. I wish things could just be bright all the time. Plasma TVs were inferiors, but at least I never had to worry about this problem.

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Originally Posted by prsut View Post

There is no way to affect CE dimming in service menu. ONLY possible way is to try what worked on 2012 ES series. Good luck.

Yeah, I tried the settings on there to no avail. It is a slightly different model after all, it's the 2012 EH series.


I noticed that the Movie setting is the only setting where auto dimness does not come into effect. Would it be possible to just put it into Movie and use the exact same settings from Standard?

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I'm guessing you're not calibrating your TV with a meter, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to doublecheck the settings you can set without one.

Usually it is recommended to use movie mode anyway, because it is usually the closest you get to a good calibration without a meter. The problem with standard mode is that it is often the energy savings mode where then stuff like auto-dimming might happen. Movie mode should have turned that stuff off by default.
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What is the purpose of Standard mode? just the dimming feature? also with most peoples Samsung's in Standard mode, are the peak colour steps clipping? because calibrating Standard mode again last night, the default 50 was seriously screwing with the CMS. A lot of the points were way beyond where they should have been. Green 50% was beyond 75% and so on.

After a few hours of adjusting then playing with the colour setting and tweaking the CMS, it had to come down to about 38. Red and Blue bars started flashing up to 235. The dE rapidly dropped into low numbers compared to before when it was in the teens and a fair number of the target points were lined up as well as others fairly close. Are most Samsung's in Standard mode looking badly saturated at 50?

As I only really use Standard for Freeview and Gaming.
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The purpose of standard mode is nowadays for the manufacturers to be able to say "look, our TV consumes only 50W". Contrast is often way down, as well as every energy savings option enabled.

I can't say anything about your CMS problem, since I don't own a Samsung LCD. I would simply use movie or cinema mode. If you have a gaming mode you should probably use that for gaming, because many LCDs have a pretty horrific input lag and gaming mode often makes it a little better. That mode should also have all energy savings settings, and other stuff that's messing with the picture, disabled by default.
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When one switches gaming mode on Samsung's, Standard is the only mode but without the processing features. As you said, eliminates the lag.
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I also noticed that Standard preset makes colors way to saturated and whites clip much sooner than Movie mode. Only find Standard satisfatory when gaming...
Regarding gaming (Xbox 360), on my UE32F5000 I honestly can't see any sort of benefit with Game mode enabled, besides screwing up the picture quality with default settings, it doesn't disable the auto-dimming behaviour of Standard preset which is highly annoying for me and I can't perceive any advantage in lag or motion fluidity when compared to just Movie preset.
For gaming I find that PC mode actually improves picture quality a bit and the movement looks a bit more natural, even when the Sharpness setting is bumped up to max (100).
I think this is because PC mode makes my TV 4:4:4 compliant which Game mode doesn't, the Xbox is basically a PC anyway, so it's not surprising.
Dimming behaviour in PC mode is the same as with Movie preset and the default Entertainment preset in PC mode looks pretty nice for gaming to.
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