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ps3 dies in strange way.

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I wanted to ask if anyone has had a ps3 that locked up and none of the safe mode tricks I found online seem to help. It does not have the yellow light of death. It starts and the sony splash screen comes up. It starts the initial set up but diagnal sections of the screen are missing. So when it tells you to press the ps3 button it goes to the next screen and you can not really see it because of the missing parts. And if you do just x through it locks up and puts random colored pixels all over the screen. Any ideas?
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You say safe mode tricks. Will it enter safe mode or does that not work either?
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It goes in and the screen looks normal in safe mode no missing lines. I tried different hdmi cables to rule that out. And I hooked up just the rca out tonight and it does the same thing as the hdmi. It is almost as if the video card is bad.
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I am assuming you're running the latest firmware and all that. Did you use any of the commands in safe mode? Like Rebuild Database or Restore File System? Both of those should be tried if you're having performance issues.

You should try option 4) Rebuild Database first. Here's what it does according to PS Support:
Deletes messages, playlists, changes made on [Information] screens, trimming information for pictures in [Photo], video thumbnails, video playback history and video resume information.
* This operation may take a long time depending on the type and number of data items.

All your game info, saves, account info, and users will all remain intact. It resets things like folders you've made, playlists will be erased, and video thumbnails and photo edits will be removed. Clearing this memory can help with performance. Games, saves, and account info is not affected. If the system gets stuck or frozen when trying Rebuild Database you might have a failing HDD, but run this first before jumping to conclusions.

Then you should try option 3) Restore File System. Here's what that does:
Attempts to repair all areas on the hard disk drive where files can be saved. Corrupted data may be erased if it cannot be recovered.

If there's anything corrupted on the HDD then this will get rid of it. Once again all games, saves, users, and account info is safe. Stay away from the other options at this point.

I do each one about once every year or so because it's the closest thing to a defrag you can do on this type of file system. When it takes a long time for the icons to load when I quit a game, or if Trophies take forever to sync, then I know it's time to run them again. Also, it's never taken nearly as long as the warning says. I've not seen longer than 15 minutes or so and I have more than 200GB on my HDD usually.

Hope this clears up your problem. If it persists after this you might think about installing a new HDD and starting fresh, just to rule that out. An extreme move but cheaper than a repair or replacement. Post the results as you go and good luck.
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