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Breaker problems- Annoyed

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After 3 years with the basement up and running I started having breaker issues on Sunday, with the breaker controlling my electronics and the breaker supporting my theater lights constantly tripping.
I had an electrician in yesterday and he checked all outlets, tightened a couple of things and I thought I was good to go. BUT same thing today.

The 2 breakers are AFCI breakers per code but given all of my reading and discussions with electricians I'm going back to standard breakers.

Anyone run into this before? I was just sitting watching football then nothing

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Are the breakers tripping at the same time? Are they in the main breaker box or is there a dedicated box for your theater? Little more info will help.
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The breakers aren't tripping at the same time. There is a 100A panel off of the main sub panel that contains all of the breakers for the basement including the 2 that are tripping. Nothing truly special as far as equipment- Denon receiver, bluray, couple of cable boxes, PS3
The other breaker controls the theater lights- 4 sconces, 7 high hats, rope light- all on dimmers
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It is weird that both breakers are doing this but it just sounds like they are bad. I would start with that and just replace them like you said you were going to do. You do not need an electrician to do it. It is easy and should only cost you the what the breakers are. Just make sure you kill the power on your 100A circuit. I couldn't imagine it being anything else. There is no way that you are pulling too many amps unless you have massive amps to drive your subs, but you would get the breaker tripping at obvious points. plus that has nothing to do with the lights. Probably not a short somewhere because you would know that as well and it would have to be on both circuits.
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