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Samsung HDMI 1 STB input?

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Recently purchased a Samsung UN46F6400 TV. I have Verizon FIOS HD STB was 6400 series, now I have a newer model 7216. All going through a Harman AVR1600. All my devices go through the Harman and were going to HDMI1(STB) input on the TV.

At some point on the samsung when switching inputs on the harman I would get an STB not detected message from the TV. Regardless of what was being fed to the TV. Even though you could see the output from whatever device behind the message. Which you could wait for to time out or click OK on the message with the remote. It was getting annoying so I switched to HDMI 2 on the TV and other than the occasion short input message about finding signal when switching inputs its been fine.

Question is why is HDMI one labeled "STB", does it provide some sort of extended functions with an STB? Was the 6416, which was failing I have now discovered, just not compatible with whatever extended functions it provided? What about the 7216?

I searched for an answer but I cannot think of a string that wont get me a million messages all about samsung and stbs but nothing useful

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I think it provides communication with the Smart Hub to show upcoming shows, recommendations, etc., by drawing info from the STB.

Mine would get disconnected if the box was off, resulting in that annoying pop-up, so I ended up deleting the box from a setting in the Smart Hub, which ended the pop-ups and took away the recommendations. I don't need it telling me what's on TV anyway.
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