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Hope someone can help me with a problem i have for months which is just unbearable!

I have a HTPC with a radeon hd7870 GPU.
Throughout the whole screen on my jvc x30 from left to right i get a stripe which 'cuts' the picture and dislocates it a couple of inches, i.e. the top half of the picture gets moved a bit to the left and the lower part to the right, this only happens with moving pictures, not with a static screen!
What is also strange that this does not occur with my main pc screen which is one floor below the HT.
it is anoying to a point that i don't view movies which are full screen anymore (with anamorphic content the stripe/cut is just above the picture so those movies i can still watch.

In these months i have posted the problem on a dutch forum, no result, further updated drivers, tried different hdmi cables, tried al sorts of settings in W7 and catalyst (more or less tried them all i think) without any result. It is driving me nuts.mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif

When i throw catalist out of my system, the problem is gone, if i install it again, there it is...
I need a GPU because of the HTPC software i am running (frame interpolation and madvr).

It is not easy to photograph but i tried with my iphone.
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