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Definitive Technology SR-8040BP with Polk RTi series

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  • Hello Everyone,


I am finally putting together my home theater system, for which I had been planing for last 2 years. The brains of my Entertainment system is going to be a Yamaha-Aventage RX-2030, center is Polk Audio CSi A4, Polk Audio DSW Pro 660 sub, and down the line I plan on buying the Polk RTI-A7 for my fronts. Currently I would be using my old yamaha NS-6390 bookshelves for my front, I know they are not the best speakers but I can't afford the A7s right now. 
Today I went to place the order on my receiver, and wanted to order the Polk Fxi-A4 for my surround speakers, at Best Buy. They tracked their entire system, but weren't able to get a pair for Fxi-A4s for me, not even special order. But they did offered me to get a pair of Definitive Technology SR-8040BP for $100 less from the retail price. I know they would not match my RTi series but since I heard these Def Tech surrounds were good I placed the order on them as well, with a 45 day return policy. 

Now my question is, should I have not done that, since the Def Tech speakers mismatch with the RTi series, or will it be okay since they are just surround speakers ?

Please Help :confused:

My room is 20'x12'x8'

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For the surrounds matching the fronts is not as important. You may notice some difference with multi-channel music.

One thing I would change is your choice of sub. Unless you got it for well under $300. If not for $500 the SVS PB1000 is a MUCH better sub. At list price of $649 you could get and SVS PC12NSD, SVS SB12 or a number of HSU subs, or a Rythmik LVR 12.
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