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This question relates to an inexpensive Sony stereo receiver and pair of Polk bookshelves I purchased for my bedroom. My Onkyo, which is the center piece of the HT system does have dual room capability, but it got to be a PITA after awhile to go back out to the living room and change sources, or stations, etc., so I decided get a small 42" set, another DVD player, and this audio system. I didn't bother with another BD because this is just a TV to watch/listen to while in bed, about 10 feet away (way too far for the size, but what can you do..).

The Sony is rated at 135W per channel stereo power rolleyes.gif but at 8ohm's I've read it is maybe 90 RMS a side tops. Speaker options are A/B/A+B

The Polks are rated 100W RMS, 5" driver and 1" tweeter and have 4 posts on the back for bi-amping (after removing the bridges of course)

So I'm wondering with such an inexpensive receiver ($185.00) and limited controls (Bass-Treble is about it) would there be much point to bi-amping them?

Come to think of it, this is more of a false bi-amp as they would be driven by the same power source I guess.


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There's not much point to bi-amping no matter what AVR you have.
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After further research, I agree (in this case). Waste of time.

I did have great success bi-amping the fronts in my car at one point. A set of Focal component speakers with separate mid and tweets. 2 separate 200W per side 2 channel amps. The Focal crossover had a pass thru mode for bi-amping, so each amp could be fine tuned based on whether it was driving the tweets or mids.

thanks for the reply
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