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Yamaha HTR-3066 to HTPC optoins?

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ok. i recently bought myself a Yamaha HTR-3066 receiver and want to use this as my center peace for my home theater setup. 

for 80% of my media will be played off a HTPC with a Gigabyte Z77N-wifi (using onboard realtek HD audio SPDIF out) ill be streaming from a network drive on my main computer full of totally legit media. (mostly)


the problem i'm having is the audio being played is 2.1 and not the 5.1 i was expecting. even with media that supposedly has 5.1, another thing is i don't even notice a tab that has the detailed 5.1 that you see with the analog connections, from what i understand the SPDIF sends a digital signal to the receiver and leaves the receiver to decide if its 2.1 or 5.1...


what am i missing? i would like to have all the 5.1 that worked with analog to work with SPDIF is there some sort of setting i missed. iv spent hours looking over everything/re-installing drivers/codecs etc. 


does anyone have any information on this or suggestions on how i should get the "true 5.1" to the receiver? 

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just tested portal 2 which i KNOW has 5.1 support and it STILL doesn't work... what is the point of putting an optical out on the dang thing if its not even used to its full potential!?! i mean i can use the HEADPHONE JACK for the same sound i'm getting, 

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is coax digital better than SPDIF?

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Coax and optical send the same signals.

Your understanding is correct--the HTPC sends the signals; the receiver interprets them.

Two things to be mindful of:

1. S/PDIF cannot handle uncompressed 5.1 audio. (You need HDMI for this.) So if your HTPC is trying to decode the audio (AC3, DD, DTS, etc.) and send PCM to the receiver over S/PDIF, you won't get 5.1. If that's the case, you need to figure out how to get the HTPC to "bitstream" the compressed audio to the receiver and let the receiver decode it.

2. If it's not, turn off all DSP modes on the receiver. Set it to "Straight." When you play the supposed 5.1 audio, which lights are lighting up on the front? That will let you know how many channels the reciever thinks it's getting.
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thanks. i found out that my Intel integrated 4000 graphics supports 7.1 and maybe even higher over HDMI and sounds wonderful... i find it a bit odd that the latest in data technology (fiber optic data communications) only carries limited data... its pointless! sounds better. but unless for that true home theater feel unless its surround. but yea. anyone looking to do the same. just avoid the port. the high  fidelity sound is enticing for 2.1 music media. but for movies/shows. the HDMI will do better! 

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