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Vizio Co-Star LT

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New Stream Player (set-top box) w/o full Google TV experience …
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Does the world really need another STB supporting netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Vudu ?
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I´m sold already. Love the previous Co-star, going to be interesting though to see if it's on par with the GTV UI.

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I bought a Sony NSZ-GS7 Google tv media player 2 days ago. I like that it supports Plex, which is what I wanted to use. I will be testing it today with movies that have forced subs and see how it handles that. wink.gif

The Co-Star seems like a good product.
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Does anyone know what USB to Ethernet adapters work with this unit? Vizio sells one for $29 but I would like to get one from amazon so it can get it before Xmas
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Does anyone know what processor is in this thing. I bought one, and it is not the fastest. From talking to Vizio - they confirmed it is a single core processor. They said it was similar to the processor in the M-series TVs. I have an m-series TV, and it is faster than my Co-Star LT. Curious if anyone has found out what the actual processor is in this thing.
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