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suggestions on direction of my system?

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Hello, I am fairly new to high end audio..  So, I figure I should detail my system, followed by a projected (very flexible) plan.

Currently I have an Onkyo tx-809 receiver ..  I purchased this in 2011 along with a MC630HD 5.1 Home Theater System ( hxxp://store.cambridgesoundworks.com/Cambridge-SoundWorks-Theater-System-MC630HD/dp/B0036UQ6RW ).  The system sounded great...   But then I eventually added 4 Energy Veritas 6.2 speakers into the mix, along with a peach tree audio DacIT.  So...  That is basically where I am at.  I currently only use the sub, and one of the speakers from the cambridge set up.   


What I am looking into? ..  I would like to purchase two Tekton Pendragons.  an Emotiva XPA-5 amp, and some sort of secondary sub, as I don't feel like the Cambridge one does enough..


Anyway, any input on what I should scrap from my system, or keep.. or advice alternate products at similar price points would be very appreciated..  I feel I should mention I probably listen to my music fairly loud at times (house parties, whatnot), but also in quite moderate volumes when alone (when clarity is very much wanted).


Thanks in advance. 

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Why the Pendragons instead of a couple more Veritas? If you've got 4, add three more for a really evenly matched 7.1 system. Or 1 more and a couple nice matching bookshelves for rear surrounds. Use the Emo to drive the fronts and sides and the AVR for the rear.

Then pick up a sub of your choice to round out the thump.

Or, you could just go all tektron with their Pendragon HT system!

Get happy with your speakers - then upgrade the AVR.
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I was thinking Pendragons as they seem to be some of the best speakers for the price...  I've heard every different speaker produces a different sound - so I felt like adding more brands to the mix might bring more to my system? ..  Is mixing Pendragons with the veritas a bad idea? 

The main thing that attracts me to the Pens, is the 98db sensitivity. 

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