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Does anyone here on this thread know how I can get the audio to pass through the receiver on to the TV utilizing only HDMI?  It kinda defeats the purpose (of what I'm trying to do) to have all of the components wired directly to the receiver if the only output is through it's own amplifier to the speakers.. 

          My primary quest here is to get all of the audio output that the receiver is "receiving" to a regular stereo line out either through the RCA line outs from the TV or the receiver.  I'm assuming this would be analog which is fine by me.  Can't seem to do this.  The reason is I want the full surround feature to be enhanced with my second powerful stereo receiver; but only in simple two channel, full spectrum stereo.  This enhances the overall sound with a fuller sound to the surround sound experience.  I did this with my old receiver but for some reason, this receiver does not allow the audio to "pass through" on to other HDMI outs.  From what I've found so far, it only allows a "height" or "background" output via two RCA jacks on the back.  Obviously, I'm looking for the full spectrum line out somehow.  Sorry for the rambling.  Just trying to make it clear here what I'm trying to accomplish.

Thanks in advance for any help!