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I would be grateful for advice on how to get my Olive 3hd onto wi fi. I have a Sky router upstairs , and live in an old house with thick walls and use a Netgear wi fi booster downstairs, which gives decent wifi to laptop, tv etc. The wi fi dongles I have seen for sale on line, such as audio engine w1, seem to need a sender and a receiver, both with a USB connector.
There is no USB connector in my router so I don't know where I could connect the sender.
Is there a USB wi if dongle I can connect to my olive that will pick up the wi if from my Sky router, bearing in mind that this is some distance away?
Alternatively is there a booster I could buy to plug in downstairs that would take a USB sender, for the matching dongle in the Olive to receive from?
I am New to forum and Olive so forgive any errors. Tried to search for answer but I may have missed it.