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Just be aware no Hulu+ if that's important to you.
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Just purchased this product at Walmart. Using it for my Projector in my home theatre. It is hooked up to an Onkyo TX SR606 and Epson 6500UB. Files are stored on a Seagate GOFlex home and also use PS3 Media server. It is wired to my Gigabit router.


Setup was easy with Comcast (York, PA) and their cable card. Took all of 10 minutes from placing the call and getting channels on the device. HD channels and all. (No VOD, but that was already understood) 


My only major issue is that this device will not play video files with DTS (direct from goflex) and requires remuxing with a media server to play audio. I will be looking at possibly replacing PS3 media server with something different that will support profiles (servio?) The PS3Mediaserver does not play well so far with the Smart Media Player, I will have to do some tweaking. 


When playing from Netflix quality is 1080HD, HBO HD is 1080i. Picture is nice, and channels change without much lag. The EPG is spot on and this is an excellent upgrade from my Standard Def STB from Comcast, as I don't use the Xfinity On Demand much anyway thanks to Sickbeard. 


The menu system is smooth, but does seem to be slow. Currently lacking on the Apps side of the house, which is common on new products it seems. 


I will report back with more information and pros and cons. 






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