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DIY sub and Audyssey XT32

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I have an Onkyo TX NR1010 with the best Audyssey available and the sub eq ht.
Does this handle all the sub eq'ing that is necessary or something like a mini dsp still recommended?
I know the sub eq ht is for dual subs, which I have. Just curious if all that on board software takes care of everything.
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It depends. Do you have a sealed sub(s)? If so, then EQ'ing the bottom end with some boost can make a fairly large difference. If you are referring to the high pass filter in a ported sub, then I would recommend using a MiniDsp or other similar EQ devise for that as the XT32 will not be able to set the HPF to protect your driver.
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I think I'm right in saying that Audyssey only EQs down to the -3dB point?? (With 10Hz minimum?)

I may well be wrong, though... lol
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Need more details on DIY sub.

If the sub is self sufficient in its design, Audyssey does a really good job of EQing the response flattish and setting delays etc.

Do you have measurement capability? I assume you do since your talking DIY speakers and outboard manual EQ...... If not, your first purchase should be a USB mic and download REW or other measurement software. The Minidsp wont help you much without the ability to measure.

I have the older MultEQ XT and have found benefit in external manual EQ. Your version(Audyssey) has more filter resolution so IDK how much you will find it useful.
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