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Jeff's Converted Small Theater/Media Room.

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Hello all!  First off, thank you for anybody that actually reads through this post and replies.  I need all the advice I can get.  I've always been a fan of home theater products but I am still an amateur when it comes to the details.


I have converted my 3rd bedroom into what I will be using as a Home Theater and an office for two computers.  I have imbedded a rough drawing, including dimensions of the space to help anyone visualize what I'm talking about.


Now, onto my question.  I currently have a 60" DLP TV, which is fairly nice, but doesn't provide the experience I'm really looking for.  I want to include a projector with as large as a screen as I can fit into my space.  I assume if I were to get a projector I would need a short throw one because of the space limitations.  Do you have any recommendations based on the dimensions of my room, screen size and viewing distance?  My current viewing distance is approximately 8 feet.  Is my space simply too small for a projector to work or not?


I'm currently running a 3.2 setup:


Receiver:  Yamaha RX-765

Center: Polk CSI A6

Left & Right: Polk RTI 12s

Subwoofer (2): Polk PSW505


Of course, I know I would like to fill it out to at least a 5.2 setup, but I'm having trouble deciding on what surrounds to pick.


Thank you for any advice, tips, etc!


The picture above is my current setup, as you can see in the two images below.




The drawing above is a mock up of what I think could potentially work.  If you guys need clarity on anything let me know.


Thank you!

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With some of the newer projectors like the Benq w1070 and Acer H6510 you get some good sized screens with the projector ceiling mounted in the back of the room. Check the projector calculator at projectorcentral.com
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Do you think the projector would have to be ceiling mounted?  I was originally thinking about placing the projector on a stand behind my love seat.  I was actually looking at the Benq w1070 and thought that would be a good fit, according to the projector calculator.


Any thoughts on if the viewing distance is simply too small for a 100"+ screen?  I'd like a larger than life screen but at the same time I don't want to see every pixel either.

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I think they say it can be table mounted but I think it starts projecting with the lens even to the bottom of the screen, so that would be a problem in your case. However I think you may be able to get a six inch adjustment so maybe if you put a tall etagere behind your sofa, you could mount the projector upside down to the highest shelf.

Your sitting distance should be okay for a 100" inch screen however your speakers are going to limit your screen size.
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Unless you get a projector with lens shift you will need to ceiling (or upside down on a shelf) mount. On speakers, I'd look at whatever bookshelf matches Polk RTIs. I have no Polk experience.
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Do you guys know of any pull down screens that are 'acoustically clear' or whatever the proper term is?  i.e. allow sound to travel through them without distortion?


If it would be better to ceiling mount the projector, that's probably the route I will go.  I'm just unsure of how to run the cabling without it looking messy.

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Check the "Screens" forum for more ideas, even the diy screen forum.
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Thanks for the tip.  I wasn't aware there was a dedicated sub forum specifically for screens.  

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