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Denon AVR E300

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I'm looking to purchase the Denon AVR E300.  My HDTV is a Sony KDL 46V3000.  I pretty sure the TV does NOT have the HDMI 1.4 standard (AVR).  It does have 2 HDMI connections.


Looking at the Denon owner’s manual it offers another way to hook up the TV via optical digital and audio plug.


I would like to hook up the following to the Denon via HDMI:


DIRECTV Genie (HR34)


Blu Ray


Then for the TV itself, I would go with the optical digital/audio plug.


I have the following questions:


1.  In using the hookup above will I still be able to watch TV using only the TV speakers and then shift to the system speakers if I desire?


2.  Any noticeable downgrade in audio/video quality using the TV hookup stated above?





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Moved to the Denon AVR- E/X Series thread ... be sure to review posts #1-7 in that thread for more helpful information.

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